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ivan ivan arandas, Mexico
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This one is the blood that runs for my people

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Sep 30 2006
this in no quotation from any bible,
this means "i will jump your walls and will break your frontiers"

its about the alien workers on usa - Sep 30 2006
born to be slave

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Aug 17 2006
well thats what i mean,dork. - Aug 30 2006
thinking linux

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Aug 23 2006
nop its was made on 3d studio max and photoshop. - Aug 24 2006
micro$oft adviser

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Aug 10 2006
ok, this wallpaper its not designed to be eye candy, this is mainly for crazy
hackers of UNIX, who hates microsoft as much as I do.

he has been hurting the software business for a long time, and will continue to do it.
I dont care his charity crap, he is a smart mother.. who has paid for a nice image.

- Aug 10 2006