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Apr 14 2013
Oh no, me neither, just trying to narrow it down to something: i have this problem on two different machines, but it could also my nvidia blob.. - Dec 12 2012
I noticed that titlebars of focused windows may flicker whenever the title changes.
For example, the Geany editor or tabbed browsers such as Chromium, will trigger a titlebar's text change while switching tab: you can notice a fast flicker with some light grey color before it get colored normally, am i the only one? - Dec 12 2012
I just tried to add the OSD values from that patch and its working fine, so i did this: define the osd colors in gtk.css:

/* Default osd colors */
@define-color osd_base #ededed;
@define-color osd_fg #404040;
@define-color osd_bg alpha(@osd_base, 0.8);

Then defines the OSD widget in gtk-widgets.css:

* osd *

GtkWindow.osd {
background-color: @osd_bg;
color: @osd_fg;

GtkOverlay.osd {
background-color: transparent;

/* used by gnome-settings-daemon's media-keys OSD */
.osd.trough {
background-color: shade(@osd_bg, 0.8);

.osd.progressbar {
background-color: @osd_fg;
- Dec 09 2012
Hi Trastes, fantastic theme you created, that's my favourite for some time now, thank you so much!

Just a minor bug: the Gnome Volume Control OSD isn't styled correctly so there is no progress bar visible when enabled (via volume keys).

It looks like a simple fix seeing how it's being done (, but i've still to try it out.

Keep it up the great work! - Dec 09 2012
Gnome Cupertino

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Score 74.6%
9   Dec 17 2012