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manuel gopar Los Angeles, United States of America
Ubuntu Black

Wallpapers Ubuntu by manuelgop 2 comments

Of COurse, no problem :)

Here it is :) - Jul 28 2010
Ucan Gentoo Pengueni

Wallpaper Other by konuralp 2 comments

Hi! i like so much your wallpaper and for that reason i made one bur for ubuntu! :D

is totally based on your....
I hope you dont mindÿfffÿ - Jun 12 2010
HI! your theme looks very beautiful... I have a question about your conky config, because i can not do banshee script works on my conky.
So if you can help me, I will be grateful... thanks! - Apr 14 2010
Linux is addictive!

Wallpaper Other by SeishinBG 2 comments

Hi! sorry what kind of font did you use on your WP? THNKS! - Mar 31 2010
Golden Brown

KDE 3 Color Schemes
by mohindar

Mar 31 2010