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Adam Treat

Developers Apps by krawek 4 comments

Yes, Qt 4.2 snapshots DO contain an IDEAL like mode: - Aug 11 2006

Database by manyoso 11 comments

No HOWTO exists, but I am going to be writing one for Oracle's OTN website by the end of the month. It is already lined up. I'll post about it here when it is ready...

For the most part though, you'd use this with ORACLE just like you would with any other SQL database server. Just choose the Qt Oracle driver... - Oct 03 2005

Database by manyoso 11 comments

It does explicitely start the database and I've included the sqlite driver... I wonder what is going on with my klik file. We're discussing it in #klik and your help would be appreciated ;) - Oct 03 2005

Database by manyoso 11 comments

1: That will be available in the next version.

2: MySQL does support sub-queries in version 4.1+ which is pretty much required for MySQL with dataKiosk. And version 0.7 _does_ have the ability to manually edit the SQL query and Data Reports _can_ make use of a saved search. I do it all the time ;)

Not sure why you think they can not.. - Aug 03 2005

Database by manyoso 11 comments

Please, let me know if you have any problems with the 0.7 release. It has *tons* of bug fixes and new features. - Jun 13 2005

Science by virtualmeet 138 comments

Hey, why don't you concentrate on just improving and continuing with this one instead of making a Java/X/Gtk+ version. If you are concerned about making it cross platform then make it a Qt4 application.

The upcoming Qt4 has much better graphics capabilities AND it is GPL for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX! - Jun 07 2005
kwin process info patch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by uddw 10 comments

The proper place for such a patch is kde-core-devel. You should post the patch and a description of why you think it is a good idea. It will be discussed and the relevant maintainers can have a look. If it's approved then you can wait for the freeze to end and commit. - Feb 09 2005
Report from the front: KDE 3.2+ ?

KDE Plasma Screenshots by manyoso 13 comments

No problem man. I wasn't trying to piss anyone off I just wanted to show off some of the exciting stuff in HEAD and some of the other projects which everyone is looking at. The screenshots contain all the latest bleeding edge software including the Quanta WYSIWYG part that is not possible to install in stable. Likewise, I tried to highlight apps and stuff that is not currently provided with stable, but *might* be included in 3.2+. This way people who can't or don't have access to the latest stuff can get an idea for where everyone is at and what might be coming up. - Mar 24 2003
Steel Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 48 comments

Nice job, but I think they are going to be niche icons ... Not because they are bad (they're great for what they are), but they lack to much color ... which is to be expected with 'steele' icons.

Am still waiting for some completely original general purpose icon set that can rival crystal ... - Nov 25 2002
more crystal icons

Icon Sub-Sets by q3a7vod4 11 comments

Very nice work. If you have some more time, I'd really appreciate an XChat Icon ;-) - Apr 30 2002
Crystal Addons

Icon Sub-Sets by caldroun 13 comments

If you are looking for another crystal icon to make, I would really like an xchat icon. Currently, the xchat icon looks horrible alongside the other crystal icons, so please, please make us one! - Apr 29 2002