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marek jurman

Cursors by dvornik 34 comments

as I have written, Grounation is *realy* best set of cursors I have found! Sometimes Iam trying a different cursors (I like blue/gold/silver ones with animation), but everytime, Iam getting back to Grou.. :).

And.. would you make it in a bigger version, and would you think up some "pernament animation"?

Thx you - Apr 22 2005

GTK2 Themes by Six 18 comments

even if i like "crazy themes", this is too much.
My suggestion (well nothing concrete:), I like lots of colors, contrast, and - is it possible to make a different color strip for incons in menus? (I mean like vertical bar with a different color then the "text" area of menu) - and so on.

Btw - I liked the idea, that root's app would have Robotorch theme to make them more contrast than the "users" ones.

Keep on good work!
Thx - Apr 14 2005
My Gnome 2.8.3

Gnome Screenshots by DevilX 3 comments


you should try out the [download] link before suggesting such a great ideas :-D. - Apr 04 2005
Blue Glass XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 54 comments

* 3D cursors are very nice, but - as you have written in changelog, you made it less animated, but I like the old animations :-D, would you make a version for me whit animation (I suggest quarter rotate on one side and half rotate on the other side)?

Thank you,
and keep on good work :-p - Mar 28 2005