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Ubuntu Software Center enhancement

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Dec 24 2010
"and merry Xmas"!! - Dec 24 2010
Best Ever (Preview)

GTK2 Themes 54 comments

by Zak0
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Aug 28 2010
GREAT MAN!!!!! LOL :D :D :D :D :D - Sep 03 2010
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
what about me?

1. I don't like Windows look at all
2. On the basis of my work experience both in Physics and Music, the easiest way to approach a new world is to throw yourself 100% in it, as when you are afraid to jump into the sea because the water is cold. I think Karmic's Human interface is awesome! Also my grandma would like that!
3. I'm a programmer, I could also do it, but.......



- Jul 27 2010
but.. why do we try to emulate the OS we dislike the most?
Mario Alberto - Jul 27 2010

GTK2 Themes 27 comments

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Jul 20 2010
all windows. Note that Ambiance and Radiance (the original ones) have smooth boxes: Ambiance II and III have smooth left corner but squared right corner (Ambiance and Radiance I w/ just two button-windows have always squared right corner)
M.A. - Jul 21 2010
there's already written that combination in gconf-editor!!! :/ - Jul 21 2010
there is another little bug on Karmic: the title bar buttons are not smooth, i.e. the right side of the three buttons is squared, not smooth. And the font is not the one you can see in the preview, instead it is quite the same as Dust font. I'd like to post a screenshot but I don't know how to do that.

M.A. - Jul 21 2010
many thanks!
But a issue remained: in pixmap.rc the computer looks 4 the file Images/null.png (which actually is situated just in others/) hence I created a folder called Images and I copied others/null.png there.
It worked!
Thanks and congratulations 4 this awesome theme!
a little, very little suggestion:
would it be possible to shrink more the title bars of the windows?
Mario Alberto - Jul 21 2010
Cool theme, very good job!
But take a look at what happens when I use gnuplot:

usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:218: Impossibile trovare il file di immagine in pixmap_path: "nautilus/left_slider_normal.png"
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:221: Background image options specified without filename
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:239: Impossibile trovare il file di immagine in pixmap_path: "nautilus/right_slider_normal.png"
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:242: Background image options specified without filename
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:275: Impossibile trovare il file di immagine in pixmap_path: "Images/null.png"
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:290: Impossibile trovare il file di immagine in pixmap_path: "Images/null.png"
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:291: Background image options specified without filename
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:333: Impossibile trovare il file di immagine in pixmap_path: "Images/null.png"
/usr/share/themes/Ambiance III/gtk-2.0/pixmap.rc:335: Background image options specified without filename

have I made some mistakes in installation? I just put everything to /usr/share/themes/.

M.A. - Jul 21 2010

GTK2 Themes 24 comments

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Aug 04 2010
here it is:
look at the top corners: the grey line ends up in white! - Jul 03 2010
great man! That worked.
There's still the 'little missing part', perhaps it's just a vision of mine... could you please explain me how to attach a .png on this forum so I can show you that?
M.A. - Jul 03 2010
your theme is awesome!
But some things which use a basic package (perhaps gtk 1.0) look really dummy. It's strange but if I do gnome-ppp it goes well. If I do gksudo gnome-ppp it looks dummy, Redmond-squared like! WHy!?
Thanks - Jun 30 2010
The theme is very, very nice! But there's a little bug on Karmic. By installing Lucid themes and the new engines it works good, but a little part in the top left corner is missing in inactive windows! - Jun 27 2010
Aero for Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by nicu96

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3   Jan 05 2011
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9   Jan 04 2011
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes
by juandejesuss

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3   Jan 03 2011
Windows 7 Look

GTK2 Themes
by 3dshifter

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3   Dec 17 2010