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Marco Zanger , Argentina
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GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Sep 21 2008
which font are u using? - Sep 22 2008

Full Icon Themes 176 comments

by sora
Score 76.5%
Oct 25 2009
This icon pack is so great that I check into it almost every day to see if U update it. Keep the good work, and I'll send U a human size pikachu made of icecream. Oh, by the way, version A all the time.

Two issues:
- wired networks appears with a black icon! yai! I DON'T SEE IT! so, IT'S LIKE A GHOST CONNECTION... creepy
- Volume icon is PNG and with small resolution. So when I click level up or level down in my keyboard I see an awfull icons strech to fix the compiz transparent box where it is drawn...


- Sep 18 2008

GTK2 Themes 80 comments

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Aug 13 2008
Great work!

What font were u using when u took those screenshots?

Thanks in advance! - Aug 14 2008

GTK2 Themes 40 comments

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Jul 23 2008
I'll see what I can do... but I think that it's a problem only happening in not 100% GTK applications. - Jul 29 2008
There u go!

Thx for the comment.
- Jul 25 2008
yep, I had to include the metacity and made some modification in it.

And made it color configurable! (haha I'm obsessed with that) - Jul 24 2008
Yeah, but squared textfields don't have to be transparent in it's borders; rounded borders do. And I think Clearlooks do not have a way to solve that.

Do what I did. Choose Ubuntu Human Clearlooks Theme. Now change the background to darker gray. Open ff3, go to google and if u see the textfield you'll see the same behavior of this theme. So it's not a theme bug, it's an engine limitation.

Thanks, for your comments. - Jul 23 2008
now I'll have to kill you...

uhm, I've been doing some research. I don't know yet how to solve it. But I will have a look if it's an engine limitation or true bug.

Thanks for your comments. - Jul 23 2008
As I said in the RC revision I took the line away because it was made by loading an image, and I wanted a color independent Theme (this mean that u could change it's color to make it look like u want). So, I'm still searching for a way to draw that line with the clearlooks engine and not the pixmap.

Thanks for your comment! - Jul 23 2008
Oh! I thought you were referring to the GTK theme.

Yeah I saw that weird thing too, but it's the metacity border that do that. You should tell to the one who made the metacity theme (Aurora Elegant), I think it's based on the Blend metacity theme.

I'll make a metacity for this theme soon.

But thanks anyway.
- Jul 22 2008
Icon theme Freezy (from Freezy Linux)

Font Undotum, and Undotum Bold for metacity and the Desktop.

Thanks! - Jul 22 2008
could u send me screenshots of those things. I didn't get what u were saying.

Thanks! - Jul 22 2008
Aurora elegant

- Jul 22 2008
Thank u very much!

It worked great!

I'll upload the new version soon - Jul 22 2008
There u go... download the second one - Jul 22 2008
I'm working to make it color independent. So any one can set it's own color.

Thanks for the comments,
Marco - Jul 22 2008
The round corners is an image with the correct width and height as background. I use it all the time (I made one for every theme I use), but it's not very flexible.

I'm working to see is there any way to use multiple images in GTK theme.

If I'm not able to set it i'll upload the panel images.

Thanks for the comments, I just have some details to finish it. - Jul 22 2008
This theme uses clearlooks and pixmap.

Thanks for your comments. - Jul 21 2008

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jul 22 2008
Undotum and Undotum bold for desktop and metacity.

- Jul 23 2008
you were lucky, I found it - Jul 22 2008
It's an image of the width of my screen and transparent corners. I'm trying to add it as default in my themes. - Jul 22 2008

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Jul 18 2008
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! i like it even more now!! I love ugly names - Jul 18 2008
Sketch: Rising sun theme

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

by ozco
Score 50.0%
Jun 28 2008
gnome panels have the option of adding an image as background. So if you work with them you can achieve that look with a 90% functionality. I did something like that in my desktop. It's not perfect but it looks like it.

Cheers - Jun 28 2008