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Oct 23 2016
One way that I know of, is open the "Configuration Center" (type lxqt-config in a terminal). In that double-click on "File Associations". In the dialog that opens, please select "inode/directory". In the right side panel you can set the default application. - Oct 20 2016
May I know which version of libarchive you are using? Im using libarchive 3.1.2 on Debian Stretch. Here it defines the function as

int archive_read_data_block(struct archive *, const void **buff, size_t *len, off_t *offset);

Perhaps an older version of libarchive or the one in your system uses int?

Please provide me with the details listed below, and I shall try to resolve the issue.
1. System Architecture (x86, x64, arm, etc..)
2. GCC version (Im assuming you are using GCC)
3. LibArchive version. - May 05 2016
I'm using Debian/Testing and the Qt5 version is 5.5.1 I'd rather not upgrade it to 5.6 unless there is a compelling reason. However, if you post the error message, I could find a fix for it. - May 05 2016
I'm very sorry for those interminable update notifications. It seems there was a problem with my browser, which was not redirecting and i was ending up with the edit page again and again. :( :( - Dec 30 2013
I have updated the SVN link. It's no longer sourceforge. I have switched over to github. And it's being updated regularly ( atleast once in two or three days ) :) - Oct 01 2013
Press the "Switch View Mode button" for a second or two and a menu will popup. As for AboutNB..., well I'll fix it. It seems when native title bar support is enabled, then AboutNB shortcut becomes useless. - Sep 05 2013
Thank you anonymous one for your feedback. I disabled the native title bar support 'coz it looks bad (as in chrome). I have now added the support for choosing the native title bar support or disabling it.

I have also added theme for toolbar.

As for Settings and Properties Windows, they already are dialogs, same as to NewBreeze Info.

I have also added the buttons.

Hope you enjoy the experience. - Aug 23 2013
Since I do not use Qt Creator myself, I have no idea why that problem arises. I might be because of the missing DEPENDPATH variable in my .pro file. I shall check it out and let you know. - Jun 21 2013
Ah! My internet connection is not good, it's been annoying to work via svn/git/hg. So the SVN contains only the version that I have released. You'll miss nothing. - May 21 2013
Ah I'm sorry. It seems I forgot the -lz. Never needed it in mine for some reason. Its added and the package is updated now. - Mar 18 2013
I have enabled bookmark renaming.
- Shift+LeftClick to start renaming.
- Enter/Escape to save changes

I have not yet made a dedicated Dialog/Widget to handle bookmarks. May be in the future versions. - Mar 03 2013
Alternatively, Since, I have not yet integrated Archiver code into NewBreeze, you can remove "Core/Archive/*.hpp" and "Core/Archive/*.cpp" from line 23 and 24 in

This will solve the problem in this version but from the next version onwards, you'll need the libs mentioned in my previous post. - Feb 26 2013
You need to install the following packages
- libtar-dev
- libzip-dev
- zlib1g-dev
- libbz2-dev
- liblzma-dev.

I'm sorry I did not mention this in the requirements. - Feb 26 2013
I will be adding custom actions in version 1.1.5. Sorry for the delay in adding custom actions. Its not working as smoothly a I would want it to... :( - Feb 22 2013
21. I have implemented that in breadcrumbs. You don't even need to click 'pub' as in your example. Click the arrow to the right of it and you'll get the list of folders in pub. It's nearly as it is in dolphin. The rest, coming soon. - Feb 04 2013
1. xdg-open opens the file with default application depending on your DE. ($ man xdg-open #EXAMPLES ). I will think of an alternative implementation to speed up the procedure.
2. DnD will be in implemented soon. Sorry for the delay.
3. Settings: ListView/IconView the settings work. But they don't get reflected immediately, working on this
4. Sure if you want various colors, I'll add that support, don't say it does not look good... :P
5. Statusbar height..? Hmmm.. Any smaller won't look good, larger will look gaudy. I'll see if I can add that.
6. Implemented in 1.1.4
7. Implemented in 1.1.4
8. ListView is QListView, rather a subclass of it.
9. Extra ViewModes in 1.1.4
10. Show/Hide hidden files: Ctrl+H or Alt+.
11. Double panels? Why?
12. Tabs will appear in NewBreeze Series 2. I'm having major problems with implementation and looks
13. Add to bookmarks: Ctrl+D
14. Manage Bookmarks? You mean sort them, or something? No idea if I will implement it soon
15. My plugins are not powerful enough to be standalone applications. I won't do this. Besides there are scores of other applications for that.
16. i18n. Hmmm...
17. make install in 1.1.3-bugfix4
18. lowercase filename 1.1.3-bugfix4
19. newbreeze.desktop 1.1.3-bugfix4
20. newbreeze.png 1.1.3-bugfix4
21. Urls? It already does show auto-complete. I'll think of tree, though I don't see the necessity. I think it's a windows relic. - Feb 04 2013
That is a bit strange. Are you using NewBreeze 1.1.3-bugfix2. I changed the programs detector to make it faster. In my system, it takes not more than 200 ms to start in mine and a couple of other systems i tested. Well, I'll see if that can be improved upon. I'm adding custom keybindings support for the next version ( 1.1.4 ). You can change the key sequence for settings yourself. ;) - Feb 02 2013
Settings is Ctrl+S and which right button? - Jan 30 2013
I fixed the bug. Sorry for the bad source. - Jan 30 2013
I fixed the bug. Sorry for the bad source. - Jan 30 2013
Oh damn!! Of course... I forgot one main thing... Visual Style settings... I'll fix it.. - Jan 13 2013
I'll look at the absence of devices list. I believe as far as udisks is installed it must work, I'm wonder why it doesn't show up.

The bookmarks have to be added by you. Press Ctrl+D to add the current folder to the bookmarks list. - Jan 12 2013
Which DE do you use? I've noticed that in my XFCE sometimes the device list doesn't load automatically as it should. I need to load it myself. Double clicking the "Devices" label reloads the list. I donot have any idea how to fix it. any new ideas are welcome... :) - Jan 02 2013
It might be 'coz of the settings, or the lack of it.
Just invoke the settings dialog, and do the basic settings once. I'll fix it in the next version. If it still doesn't work let me know. - Jan 02 2013
There, screenchot 2 above... The exact situation in my system... It does work. Its there since the very first version. - Nov 30 2012
Its already implemented. If in your system, the list is not being listed, then probably the mimetypes are not being listed in /usr/share/applications/*.desktop files. I read the mimetypes from there.

It can also be that, the program mimetype is not installed. In that case too, the program list for a particular mimetype may not be listed. - Nov 29 2012
Ah.. You want the default to be specifically mentioned, i see... Actually, double clicking the file or pressing return opens it with default. List of the programs that can open the file is listed in the "Open With" Menu. I query these locations for .desktop files :
- /usr/share/applications
- ~/.local/share/applications/
- /usr/share/applications/kde4
- /usr/share/gnome/applications/

Based on the files found here, the "Open With" application list is built. - Nov 28 2012
Ah.. You want the default to be specifically mentioned, i see... Actually, double clicking the file or pressing return opens it with default. List of the programs that can open the file is listed in the "Open With" Menu. I query these locations for .desktop files :
- /usr/share/applications
- ~/.local/share/applications/
- /usr/share/applications/kde4
- /usr/share/gnome/applications/

Based on the files found here, the "Open With" application list is built.
- Nov 28 2012
I added the open with application list. Doesn't seem to be a difficult thing to do. Wonder why QtFM or Andromeda have not included.... Well, I have anyway... :) :) You can use mine instead of those two... :P - Nov 28 2012
Yeah sure... Why not. It'll take time though. I need to fix a few more bugs... - Nov 28 2012
Depending on you system, you need to install libmagic-dev in debian and co. and libmagic-devel in ArchLinux and co. It provides magic.h - Nov 27 2012
Hmmm.... Peek feature is not available on windows. I have not found any other bugs in windows yet.
Apart from that, it is a bit outdated compared to the linux version. Sorry about that... :( I donot actively develop for windows. Next Win32 release may be delayed. - Nov 24 2012
Sorry for the late reply mrbit...
Its not imagemagick. its just libmagic. - Nov 20 2012
make install has a few issues. Right now to install all that you need to do is copy NewBreeze executable to some folder in $PATH - Oct 22 2012
I have added that link. By the way I think you must add libmagic-devel as a build dependency and libmagic as the package dependency. - Oct 22 2012
make install must be available. But yes I too found it a problem to compile it into a debian package. make install may have an issue i'm not sure.

I'll fix the transparency issue.

The preview is invoked by Ctrl+Enter. Press Ctrl+I for a partial list of shortcuts.

Re-sizing has been a bit of a issue. I'm afraid you'll have to depend on the window manager for a while.

I hadn't thought of bookmarks. That's a good idea. - Oct 05 2012
Sorry for not including a README. You can compile it as GDigger24 said. - Oct 05 2012
You need the package libmagic and libmagic-dev (on debian and ubuntu). You may find libmagic for windows in MinGW. - Oct 05 2012

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Feb 05 2017
Is there a way to change the password for an existing encfs volume? - Jul 10 2016
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Sep 06 2016
Tested with Qt 4.8.4 and Qt 5.0.1. Works on Linux x64 beautifully... :) - Jun 15 2013
Of course it will not work with Qt 4.7. The Source is for Qt5 which is significantly different from the Qt 4.x series. Qt5 has separated widgets from QtGui to QtWidgets. I think the author should provide a source for Qt4 separately as Qt5 is not yet wide-spread as Qt4 in linux distributions - May 21 2013
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3   Jul 28 2016
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3   Jul 28 2016
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