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Marcus Thiesen Bonn, Germany
KFlickr MT

Graphic Apps by MarcusT 10 comments

KFlickr is smart enough not have to stick to the input file format it will make use of any available output format, not a bug
Design decision then, because I believe that all the transformations should not change the original file format.

This breaks the batch mode paradigm
This is a design decision, usablity feature as well, because it allows quick adding and removing of tags without having to overwrite them all.

I have no problem with the KFlickr fork but don't claim something as fixed when it is not broken in the original product.
I still don't see it as a fork because I hope we'll have a common version again someday. I think this is not about claiming something, the classification I did was rather random, maybe I should change "fix" to "changed" at some points to make clear that this is not always a bug in the original version. - Nov 22 2005
KFlickr MT

Graphic Apps by MarcusT 10 comments

here you go. - Nov 16 2005
deb for kwin3.2.2 with shadow patch(Sid)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by shlomil 13 comments

Unfortunately, this breaks dependencies of some kde metapackages, if installed via apt-get it wants to remove kde-amusements, kde-core and kdebase. Can you make a package with a higher build number? - Mar 19 2004