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Marcus Thiesen Bonn, Germany
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KFlickr MT

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Nov 21 2005
KFlickr is smart enough not have to stick to the input file format it will make use of any available output format, not a bug
Design decision then, because I believe that all the transformations should not change the original file format.

This breaks the batch mode paradigm

This is a design decision, usablity feature as well, because it allows quick adding and removing of tags without having to overwrite them all.

I have no problem with the KFlickr fork but don't claim something as fixed when it is not broken in the original product.
I still don't see it as a fork because I hope we'll have a common version again someday. I think this is not about claiming something, the classification I did was rather random, maybe I should change "fix" to "changed" at some points to make clear that this is not always a bug in the original version. - Nov 22 2005
here you go. - Nov 16 2005
deb for kwin3.2.2 with shadow patch(Sid)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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May 28 2004
Unfortunately, this breaks dependencies of some kde metapackages, if installed via apt-get it wants to remove kde-amusements, kde-core and kdebase. Can you make a package with a higher build number? - Mar 19 2004