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Mark Round
QNiX 0.2

KDE 2 Themes by Frank 26 comments

The best theme I have ever seen for KDE. OK, so it's a clone of another OS, but it's superbly done, and I love it. Well done, and I look forward to any further developments!

-Mark - Oct 25 2001
Simple Bright Style

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by menak 8 comments

Nice work! I always prefer "everyday" themes like this - stuff you can really work with for a while without it becoming distracting. I love this, I'm just torn now between this, QNiX, and the Liquid/No lines patch. Good work, I look forward to seeing more of it! - Oct 24 2001
NoLines Patch for Liquid 0.6

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by pablorg 5 comments

Yes, but not in any way that corrects the annoying Liquid take-over. I've tried setting background pixmaps, adding plain panel pixmaps, everything I can think of, and it still looks whack.
But then, I shouldn't have to do this - I resent software doing stuff it doesn't _say_ it's going to do. Fine, it it wants to change the panel, go ahead, but doing it because I changed the button colour is just wrong!
Of course, if there is anything else I should be doing, I'd love to know, as this is one thing that is stopping me from using Aqua. - Oct 24 2001