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Mark S
Nodoka Unified

GTK2 Themes by MarkS 2 comments

mmm, not sure, changing the top menu seems to change some other stuff as well. Will keep looking though. In any case, you'd have to edit the gtkrc file by hand. - May 11 2008
Kamel icons

Icon Sub-Sets by jarulez 51 comments

By far the most innovative icon set. Confident use of high contrast and pixel-perfect results. No distribution has contacted you yet?! - May 09 2008
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes by DanRabbit 330 comments

Rescale play, pause icons (smaller) to fit inline with other action icons.

Make oulines darker (maybe 50-60 less luminance) to remove 'fuzzy' effect

Different colours for alert, delete, cancel?

Dash of blue on the lens of search icon? (it's a bit plain now)

Less roundness on the terminal icon?

Thank you and well done! - May 09 2008