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Mark Taff Bellevue (Seattle), United States of America
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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Nov 30 2005 allows no such restrictions on republication. I think you are looking for a creative commons license.

Also, tagging the graphic portion of the file with your copyright instead of the metadata will not encourage people to use the image.


Mark - Nov 29 2005
GRUB NextBoot

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 44 comments

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Feb 23 2005
Read documentation in the script. You are looking for:

# Set to "TRUE" if you don't want an icon on your desktop, like if you already had one, but moved it to the panel or a custom menu
$DO_NOT_INSTALL_ICON = undef; # "TRUE" | undef - Mar 11 2005
Reports of a serious bug in nextboot were determined to be due to a misconfigured grub, not any problem in nextboot.

Mark - Feb 23 2005
While getting some input from the kde-devel list on nextboot version 1.1.4, Stephan Kulow, the KDE 3.4 Release Coordinator, posted an e-mail informing me that KDE 3.4 will have "native" GRUB support. Yeah!

Provided this duplicates the functionality of nextboot 1.1.4, I will likely quit maintaining it.

Anxiously awaiting KDE 3.4,

Mark - Feb 22 2005
Please file a bug report, then vote for the bug.

This should be integrated in kde; maybe I'll take a fresh look at the code (my C++ is better now than last year).

Mark - Feb 21 2005
I have a /boot partition as well, and I'm running SuSE. The problem isn't the boot partition itself, but rather that gentoo keeps it unmounted by default.

I wrote the script to make workarounds for this easy. You have two options.

1) keep /boot mounted all the time, OR
2) Copy your menu.lst or grub.conf file (as appropriate in your case) to a location that _is_ mounted all the time. Then tell the script where to find it (read the comments in the script).

This will work fine, and shouldn't be too bad, as long as you aren't constantly changing your boot menu _titles and respective indexes_.

The most important info for the script are the index numbers [0...n].

For any menu entry, you may change anything you like (kernels, locations, kernel options, etc.) without having to update the readable copy of your menu file, unless you change the menu title (not a fatal problem) and it's index (order in the menu file)(fatal problem).


Mark - May 13 2004
v1.1.1 should fix your problem. I tested it with the menu file you posted.

Happy rebooting :-) - Apr 21 2004
This option is not already available in KDM, hence the need for this.

It is not installed as root, but as a normal user. That said, the GRUB commands themselves that are executed require root permissions, so KDESU will prompt you for the password at the right time.

Also, you need to make your GRUB menu file readable by a normal user.

Mark - Apr 21 2004
I see what may be the problem (in my script), but it is time to go to bed. I will fix it for you tommorrow.

Mark - Apr 21 2004
Which kdm are you running? I am running SuSE 9.0/KDE 3.2.0, and GRUB reboot options are not in kdm, but the LILO options are.

As far as LILO support goes, I asked the KDE devs to include those in kdm about 2 years ago, and they promptly did. As such, I really have no interest in making this work with LILO.

That said, I did GPL nextboot, so feel free to add LILO support if you like. The LILO commands themselves are quite easy, from what I've read.

I really intended this to give GRUB users the same capability as KDE gives LILO users, but do feel free to take my work, build on it, and make the community stronger.

Mark - Apr 21 2004
Yeah, that does suck. That's another reason I wrote this. - Apr 20 2004
I agree completely, and have no doubt the awesome kde devs will integrate this feature soon. Their job is much more difficult than my little script.

How do I know they will implement it? Because they implemented this option with LILO when I requested it a couple years back :)

Of course, then almost everyone went to GRUB! - Apr 20 2004
Please give me as much info as possible, or I can't help you, or modify the script to make it work for more people.

For example,
paths to kdesu, grub, kdialog, perl

distribution and version (SuSE 9.0)

the path and contents of you GRUB configuration file (menu.lst on my machine)

I am happy to kill bugs, but please give me all the help you can :-)

Mark Taff
marktaff AT comcast DOT net - Apr 20 2004

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Feb 20 2005

Instructions for using it from a desktop icon are in the script (as of v0.2).

A KCM module probably wouldn't work very well. This is probably better done as a separate application, perhaps integrated with Konqi.

I used yast to make my crypt file loop device.

Mark - Feb 20 2005