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Command Output

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by Zren
Score 83.5%
Apr 30 2020
Well, I managed to do that. Just removed the "replace('\n', ' ').trim()" . The affected line is now just the bare output of the command execution: "widget.outputText = stdout".
cheers, - May 09 2018
Thank you. Yes, it works now. For the purpose I need, the stripped newlines is a problem, as the multi-line output get garbled. I think that echoing the output "as-is" you can reach a broad range of users, as it simple to remove newlines by putting a pipe to tr '\n' '' but it is impossible to put it back afterwards. Leave the formatting to the user ! Anyway, thank you !
- May 07 2018
There is no output on Kubuntu 18.04. Just a plain dark grey window even with the provided test example. Missing dependecies ? - May 06 2018