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Pablo Garcí­a
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Karamba & Superkaramba by AdrienV 342 comments

Congratulations, this is an excellent theme!

I have some suggestions for it that you can take into consideration (I hope! :D) Some are pretty simple, some are like mini sub-projects. This is the list:

- Click to open GMail: In the mail plugin, click on the account name to open a pre-configured browser (like firefox or konqueror) that logs into the GMail account.
- Mail alert: let the mail plugin alert the user of incoming mails by popping up something (or playing a sound).
- Weather plugin: not necesarily LW. I think a simple weather plugin will do, like the Amarok one does.
- Amarok volume: allow to change its volume.
- Amarok ff and rewind: clicking anywhere on the progress bar gets the song to that position.
- Customizable titles: let the user change each plugin's title to show up un the UI (i.e. change "Infos" for "Information").
- Clock alarms: let the clock plugin alert (sound? popup?) the user at some configured time alarm(s).
- Make the calendar really useful: you can create a mini "Rainlendar" (google it, it's a really useful desktop calendar, to remind you things on certain dates, like birthdays).

Again, i really really like what you've done so far! This theme is awesome, and it still has great potential. Bye! - Jul 25 2007