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Khuram Lawrence Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mishi's Bad Application Zapper :)

Icon Sub-Sets by MARX77 4 comments

That's right! At least thats what I use it for anyway. Thank you, Jamin.

Mishi doesn't quite like the name 'gnome-panel force quit applet' cause 'applet' makes him think about baby apples.
A child's logic. What power does any grownup have over that?

And thank you Padster for being the first to comment.
You guys have no idea how happy you've made my little boy.

He would've typed a thank you note himself but he isn't keeping well these days. - Mar 25 2010
Seven by cochix (Luxie's fix)

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 4 comments

All credit to you for a job well done. - Feb 13 2010
Seven by cochix

GTK2 Themes by cochix 14 comments

One of the better looking themes I've come across in a while.

Although juandejesuss still ranks among the best windows-theme makers, you are not too far behind my friend. Well done.

Needless to say, voted good.

It seems that you are already causing a bit of controversy among fellow themers. Thats always a good sign ;) - Feb 09 2010
Ubuntu 2012 Button

GnoMenu Skins by mrebanza 5 comments

Nah! The wheel's all yours buddy. Cheers! - Nov 26 2009
Ubuntu 2012 Button

GnoMenu Skins by mrebanza 5 comments

;) - Nov 25 2009
Ubuntu 2012 Button

GnoMenu Skins by mrebanza 5 comments

Nice one buddy. Keep up the good work ;)

- Nov 25 2009
Aero Glass for Linux

Beryl/Emerald Themes by ILoveNat 7 comments

A Billion and One actually - This one ;) - Aug 29 2009
Nothing impresses me anymore.
Well that's what I had brought myself to believe. And then, I saw this.

I was gonna say that you are a genius. But I think I'm gonna hold on to that comment till the final version comes out ;)

Well done. - Jul 31 2009
Luna Element

GTK2 Themes by uncholowapo 19 comments

And I thank You for uploading this fine theme ;) - Jul 22 2009

GTK2 Themes by infrareddude 16 comments

Voting right now. - Jul 15 2009
Mac theme. Big deal!!!
Good work deserves credit. Voted Good. - Jun 24 2009
A Simple Main Menu Button

Icon Sub-Sets by MARX77 4 comments

Thank you for the ego boost. Appreciate it. - Feb 02 2009
LxG Mirror

Icon Sub-Sets by Iqk 21 comments

Amazing work!
Most decent set of icons in quiet a while.
Could you make another version of the Force Quit Button icon? - Jan 31 2009