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Mason Mouse Houston, Texas, United States of America
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Graphic Apps by cbouveyron 197 comments

I had the same problem. The script relies on an executable called kde-config which doesn't appear to be on my system so I just edited that line in to manually set the path and it worked fine then. - Nov 25 2006
America's Army icon (SVG)

Icon Sub-Sets by masonmouse 3 comments

Although I'm more curious why it was getting voted down, I certainly appreciate a nice comment too. Thanks! - Sep 08 2006
MS Word to plaintext converter

Dolphin Service Menus by yggdrasil 4 comments

Works as advertised. Thanks! Now I can more easily handle all those MS Word documents that people email me that are around 60k and have one sentence in them. - Aug 31 2006
America's Army icon (SVG)

Icon Sub-Sets by masonmouse 3 comments

Would anyone care to comment why this is getting such a bad vote? It doesn't help me improve if people say they don't like it but won't give any reasons why. What's even more confusing is this is just an SVG version of another icon yet it has a much lower rating. Are people opposed to SVGs as icons? The only difference is it doesn't have the drop shadow that the other one did. Maybe people are just that attached to drop shadows? I don't know. How about filling me in! - Aug 25 2006
America's Army Crystal Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by ondrish 6 comments

I made an SVG version minus the drop shadow here: - Aug 24 2006

System Sounds by Lucy8i8 36 comments

*.7z is a 7-zip archive. There's the Windows version of the extractor at or the *nix version with packages for several distributions at

Additional information can be found at - Aug 15 2006

Wallpaper Other by diffuze 2 comments

That's really quite nice, especially for a first try. - Jul 19 2006
Organic Inkscape

Wallpaper Other by cpufx 5 comments

If you click on the link for the license, it takes you to the definition of it. I've never been one for legalese but if I read it correctly, you may distribute the version as posted anywhere you like and you may make modifications as long as it's not distributed publically or, if you do publically post it, you must clearly detail what changes you've made.

And it's a nice picture too so people will probably be wanting to redistribute it in some way. :) - Mar 31 2006
Sugarcoma Bunny

Wallpaper Other by kristinstickle 7 comments

Some programs save with extensions, some don't. It's just up to the developer(s) I guess.

You ought to take a look at Inkscape. It's a fork of Sodipodi since that project didn't seem to really be going anywhere and from looking at their website, they haven't updated since... Feb 2004? I was still running Sodipodi back then so I guess it's the same program I was using. :) Once I tried Inkscape though I haven't had any desire to go back. It has so many more features. Seeing what you can create with Sodipodi, I'd be curious to see what even nicer things you could do with Inkscape! - Feb 28 2006
Sugarcoma Bunny

Wallpaper Other by kristinstickle 7 comments

The included SVG seemed to lack the file extension but once I added it, Inkscape opened it just fine.

Great work by the way. - Feb 28 2006
My Gentoo Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by schopfer 10 comments

You ought to package it up into a KDE theme as well. I wouldn't replace the individual downloads though because it's nice to have both. - Feb 10 2006
CPU Info (with lm_sensors)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ectb 16 comments

I'm using v0.3 under KDE 3.4.3 and have Kicker transparency enabled and it seems to work just fine, even when switching desktops... - Feb 09 2006
Removed background!

Various Stuff by Goduser 13 comments

PS: I voted Good to compensate for ArbitraryReason's complete lack of, ironically, reason. - Dec 28 2005
Powder (for Gentoo)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by rok79 7 comments

When you import your own ebuild, you need to make your own digest for it. To do so, save it under:

then cd to there and type:
ebuild powder-0.6.ebuild digest

and then emerge it again. - Dec 01 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

Finally, the first Kopete theme that I've liked. I too hate wasted space. - Aug 09 2005
Angelic Sounds

System Sounds by Jeckyll 17 comments

When I was visiting my parents, my mom said the default KDE sounds were making her a nervous wreck (mainly the breaking glass). I installed this one for her and she likes it much, much better. - Aug 09 2005
One 4 the girls

Wallpaper Other by josew 10 comments

I'm glad for that cause I've made a number of Sanrio wallpapers. Maybe I'll upload a couple now...

PS - You don't have to be female to appreciate Sanrio's style! - Mar 28 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by roachofdiscord 35 comments

While Windows may have some admittedly nice interface touches, honestly, I think the systray icon hiding and the huge, bloated start menu are two of the negative additions to XP. They both allow things to get lost easier. KDE definitely has the advantage there. - Feb 03 2005