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Maciej SokoĊ‚owski Warsaw, Poland
Plasma 4 Extensions
The Only Right RAM Monitor

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Jun 22 2010
It shouldn't be hard to customize this to suit your needs (if you have some programming skills). You can unzip this file, edit and install it back (propably changing name in metadata.desktop, to not conflict with the old one), as it is explained in:

My script uses systemmonitor data engine, so you can use all sensors it uses. Run plasmaengineexplorer and choose systemmonitor as engine - it will list all sensors. You can change sensor names in the beginning of a file (don't forget to adjust SENSORS_COUNT). - Jun 26 2010

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May 14 2009
I wanted to try it... Anyway, for those of you with nVidia card, there is my simple widget for changing brightness: - Jun 19 2010
Nvidia Brightness

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Oct 31 2009
I'm affraid no )-: My widget uses smartdimmer, so as long as there is no working smartdimmer for your laptop, my plasmoid won't work.

If you have some programming/Linux skills, you can try to change plasmoid source to control brightness in your PC - you have to find the right command for your laptop, maybe something like echo brightnessVal >/some/brightness/file.

Or maybe as the error is saying, contact the autor of smartdimmer (-: - Mar 04 2010
Is smartdimmer working on your comp? Try:
smartdimmer -g
from command line, it should return current brightness.
smartdimmer -s val
should set brightness to val. - Mar 04 2010
- Did it work on your comp on earlier KDEs?

- I've just installed KDE 4.4.1 on my laptop, I'll check this evening if it works on it, if not I'll try to post new version. - Mar 04 2010