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Karamba & Superkaramba

Compiz Themes 27 comments

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Jul 13 2008
You have done it just before I could!! XD
You've done well, voted good :) - Jun 26 2008
Clock Ring Screenlet

Conky 18 comments

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Mar 13 2009
Here's my version of the ClockRing screenlet.
(don't care about the furiousmoon inside ;)

I didn't like the first blocks of the rings because they are useless (they are always lit). I think that the behaviour like shown in the image makes more sense.

I can send you my modified clockring if you care, so that you can update yours.

(I tell you because I find useless to upload it myself, for the third time, as it's mostly the same thing as the original, after all...) - May 26 2008

Skydomes 23 comments

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Mar 06 2008
It suffice to go to Cube Reflection plugin and adjust the Intensity of the reflection.

Intensity=0,00 => You only see the reflection plane under the cube, solid color and no reflection.

Intensity=1,00 => You only see the reflection, almost as bright as the cube itself, the plane is almost invisible.

Intensity=0,50 => The minimum value to get rid of the horizon line.

Compiz's default is 0,40, so the horizon is visible. I don't remember which value I used for the screenshot you see, but for sure it was major than 0,50. - Apr 03 2008
Just rename it to "something.png".

Or instead of right click and save the file, try to open the link and then save the image. - Mar 02 2008
Just rename it to "something.png".

Or instead of right click and save the file, try to open the link and then save the image. - Mar 02 2008
E che problemi ci sono, compaesano? (io sono di Pavia)

E' GPL, quindi fintanto che non te la rivendi puoi farci quello che ti pare con quest'immagine :)

Anzi, mi fa piacere che tu la voglia utilizzare: è un bel tema e hai fatto bene a proporlo per la prossima Ubuntu (anche se è ufficiale che purtroppo Hardy non cambierà aspetto. Ma lo farà la 8.10...).

Poi, va beh, la cosa che più si apprezza è che si dia credito a chi se lo merita.

Vai pure con la mia benedizione ;D - Feb 06 2008
Thanks :) - Jan 28 2008
Thank-you! :)

You can find the wallpaper here:

- Jan 09 2008
Suffice to set reflection intensity to 0.5 to get rid of the horizon :)

Glad you like them ;) - Jan 08 2008
Frame Screenlet

Conky 8 comments

by Whise
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Feb 24 2008
It would be even more if it was capable to display slideshows from a folder of images. - Feb 25 2008
Google Maps Screenlet

Conky 12 comments

by Whise
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Jan 26 2008
Really a great screenlet, kudos, but simple as it is, the command interface is not very powerful and it's very uneasy to start at the same predefined location, almost a couple of light-years far from earth ;), every time the screenlet is launched.

Because this is just a screenlet and not a web browser, I think that its interface may go well as simple as it is, but it would be very nice to be able to search for your desired location.

Anyway, you see that the most of your wanted places are likely to be near where you live and near the last place you where looking for last time.
So I think that the screenlet should log and remember the last coordinates shown and start from there the next time it's lauched.
This should (just supposing, I'm no programmer so maybe I'm wrong) be easier than implementing a search dialog.

Again: thanks for this beautiful screenlet and for all the excellent work you are doing on the program. - Feb 11 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes 3 comments

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Dec 27 2007
Slick desktop ;) - Dec 27 2007
Orion/Carina Nebulae Mix

Skydomes 1 comment

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Jul 19 2007
Very nice, good job!
One of the best around here :) - Sep 10 2007
Milky Way Skydome

Skydomes 7 comments

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May 22 2007
download.php is some kind of problem with KDE-Look, Compiz-Themes and all of these servers... It's not anything critical: you just have to rename the file with his correct name.

You can avoid the problem: just don't use the "save link as" menu: open the link instead and then, as in this case you are viewing an image, right click and do "save image as". - Jul 11 2007



I'm an idiot...

I'll fix it immediately...

Sorry to all... - Apr 14 2007
Aqua_Project for Gnome

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May 21 2007
Glad you like it! :) - Jun 08 2007
Try this:
Upen the tarball with an archive manager and extract the folder inside in


Then you should be able to access the icon theme from your Gnome Control Center. - May 29 2007
Don't know, the screenshot is not mine.
I'll make a screenshot of my own desktop as soon as I'll submit a more refined version of the icon theme: for now the shot is just intended to give the idea of what the theme is like.

Anyway, Sun's Looking Glass is a desktop environment, not just an application: the desktop shown here is KDE, so it can't be LG.
That's just a customized dock (maybe AWN?). - May 23 2007
You don't need to unpack the tarball:
Just open Gnome Control Center, select "Theme" and click on "Install Theme", or just drag the file and release it over the window.

;) - May 22 2007
Ah, yes.
That's not my desktop: that screenshot is from Hammergom too.

I was too lazy to make one myself :P - May 21 2007
I don't know... :D

I just replaced one by one all the icons from this theme:

with the ones from:


And finally I tried to correct some little inconsistencies by studying other "perfect" themes (i.e. Human from Ubuntu, Industrial from OpenSuSE and raw Tango), but essentially the file hierarchy is 90% the same as Buuf icon theme by Fana-m. :) - May 21 2007
Thank you! :) - May 21 2007

Various Artwork 5 comments

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Mar 06 2005
Ah, sorry for the very stupid question, I wasn't aware of the contest... :p
Nice anyway... - Mar 06 2005
What is it? - Mar 06 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

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Feb 02 2005
Mmmh, as you see, the theme is quite big and complex and not exactly "light"...
Surely it won't be difficoult to improve it a little by adding some meters here and there: I haven't done it yet because I wasn't sure that people liked to spend such as 20% cpu on a 2Ghz processor...
Personally, I like it anyway and I'll do soon a little change, and as you ask for it I'll upload a second version of the theme next week (now I have to study...).
Thank you very much, come back next week, bye! - Feb 03 2005