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Mateusz Kumiega Tarnów, Poland
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Simple and Soft

Cursors 14 comments

by matis
Score 71.7%
Aug 30 2005

This theme isn't completed yet, so my priority is to add missing cursors and polish it, but after that I might try to make such version... - Aug 30 2005

I'm very happy you like it. I made a new version with with new "hand" cursor, which IMO looks better than the old one. - Aug 30 2005
Debian Glass Spheres

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by matis
Score 50.0%
Jan 21 2005
Hi again!

3dsmax is great 3d app, but it's commercial software. '.3ds' is its own file format. If you used Blender or other free 3d editor, I think, you could easily convert it to your format (and then edit as you want). But if you don't use any 3d app, I could make version with Xandros logo instead the Debian one. - Jan 21 2005

I'm very happy you like it. I used 3dsmax to make this scene - I'd be very hard to make such realistic reflection/refraction effect with 2d editor.

If you would like to modify it in any way, feel free to do it - it's released under GPL. If you want, I can send you .3ds file. - Jan 20 2005