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Matthias Neumaier , Egypt
Lush 0.1.0

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 58 comments

verry nice artwork. i like em all :) - May 16 2003
peace pigeon

Wallpaper Other by emumania 24 comments

people who write this bullshit should be put together with G.W.Bush in a rocket and shoot to the moon !
- Feb 26 2003

Wallpaper Other by borisgeissler 2 comments

I m sure 99 % of KDE users don't run M$ Internet Exbloder as u recomend on your website.
Nice graphics anyway..

Regards Matthias - May 06 2002

Wallpaper Other by fatmatt 8 comments other good definition of the toiletpaper ; ) - Apr 02 2002

Wallpaper Other by fatmatt 8 comments other good definition of the toiletpaper ; ) - Apr 02 2002

Wallpaper Other by SaDeron 4 comments

go on so : ) - Mar 16 2002

Wallpaper Other by SaDeron 4 comments

go on so : ) - Mar 16 2002
Matrix has you

Wallpaper Other by Gabana 4 comments

doesn`t it mean " Matrix has you " ?
The Matix screensaver is also in KDE and xscreensaver.
Anyway, your website is cool.
- Feb 24 2002

Wallpaper Other by thehumbert 11 comments

hello grandmaster of 3 D rendering ! Have u ever submittet something here ? Instead of bad comenting thinghs like "not anti aliased" u ll better sit a few hours on your box and create something own. Did u know - Mr Grandmaster -how much work was the "silly" and "boring" desktoplamp in blender ? Did you know how long a 1,2 Ghz Cpu has to calculate the radiosity until i have satisfied result. At least everyone can decide if its fine for the own desktop.
- Jan 26 2002

Wallpaper Other by freakone 7 comments

Good work :) but wy the 45 deg tilt ? The water can float out of your monitor and damage the precious desktop.

Have fun
Matthias - Jan 22 2002

Wallpaper Other by ansgar 12 comments

beter delete it and create something own instead of submitting a picture that you ve picked somwhere in the web. If someone loves Teletubbies on his desktop (sure not me) he sure looks not at KDE-look.

Matthias - Jan 21 2002
Baby Linux

Wallpaper Other by prophet 6 comments

do a wallpaper in 2 Minutes : 1.Grab a penguin image in the web
2. Open gimp with an emty pic.
3. Paste the image
4. Overlay an rectangle gradient.
5. Save and post it at kde-look
6. Done !

- Jan 14 2002

Wallpaper Other by matmax 3 comments

Hi there,
the 1024 768 is here on KDE Look. The wallpaper section of my website(and other contents) is available in english too. Just click the Link "english version"
If you like to contact me :
Matthias - Jan 14 2002
AC 20000V

Wallpaper Other by tarball 13 comments

good photo and WP : ) btw i m electrican, isn t that a 380 000 V line ? ;) Sure it s called high-voltage-long-distance-line.

Matthias - Nov 30 2001

Wallpaper Other by tkontkanen 9 comments

Nice pic, but sorry, if u set the brightnes to high and no scrennsaver on im sure your CRT has a point in the middle when its switched of ;) - Nov 24 2001
Broken Windows

Wallpapers Windows by matmax 12 comments

seems "funny" guys like you above have nothing better to do than wasste webspace with stupid comments that have nothing to do with this site. Write your stupid comments on a piece of paper an use it on toilett ...And dont think i delete my pic from here to delete your "intelligent" comments with it.Others shall see that your IQ is a bit higher than a piece of dry bread. The bread has an IQ 13 . - Nov 20 2001
Broken Windows

Wallpapers Windows by matmax 12 comments

Hi Mr Anonymous ,
what kinda howto should i use ? - Nov 19 2001
Broken Windows

Wallpapers Windows by matmax 12 comments

what do you mean with this gun and FUCK ? I mean words like fuck and ... ... are not to comment a pic ! It seems u re the grandmaster of 3 D rendering and only you can do best pics.

Regards Matthias - Nov 18 2001
iKons 0.5 Pro edition

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 119 comments

looks pretty and smoth : ) - Nov 18 2001
Level 23

Wallpaper Other by netbeam 2 comments

I ask the same question too : Must every wallpaper wear a KDE Logo before it can be submittet. Or can we only submit pics that show the letters "KDE" in diffrent artwork ? My oppinion is that a wallpaper is good to submit if its a: an artwork made by computer from the artist, b: a selfmade photo thats not grabbed somwhere and hurts some copyright.
At least the visitors of this great site have to decide if the like it or not.
Regards Matthias - Oct 31 2001
Interesting Garbage

Wallpaper Other by imagino 6 comments

Good idea : ) better a fly inside than a moskito outside ... - Oct 23 2001
Ayo 73 epreuve rentré (snoopy)

Wallpaper Other by gravis 2 comments

Verry great pictures on this website :) Unfortunaley only in french language. Must be intrestig to learn more about the pictures. - Oct 18 2001
Windows 2000 Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by asifalirizwaan 59 comments

Respect for the hard work , but for my part i m glad that i can work without Wind~1 also for what do i need Wind~1 Icons again ? I dont want to get remmembered on this sucking OS called Windows by installing a Wind~1 Icon Set.
Have fun

- Oct 11 2001