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Matthieu Baerts
gericom Cairo-Dock Theme

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Mar 14 2010
Your theme is now available from the Themes Manager. If you want to change something or propose a new theme, don't be shy to start a new topic on Cairo-Dock's forum ;-) - Jul 03 2009
This bug is fixed!
A new release will be added on the repositories tonight. Your theme will be added in with the name Elementary_Dragonfly because "Elementary" is already used ;-)

Thanks for your theme!

PS : in your package : you can remove all repertories available in extras/gauges/elementary/ (a old bug in the theme manager :-) ) - Jul 01 2009
Ok !
I have compressed your theme (by removing all things which isn't used) but there is a strange bug with the themes manager of Cairo-Dock...
In fact two files (_RightDock_.conf and _LeftDock_.conf) are mysteriously not copied with the command "cp -R * ~/.config/cairo-dock/current_theme/" !
But all is ok if you extract (or copy) the theme to this current_theme repertory by yourself !

Once this bug is fixed, your theme will be integrated.
Pending, this theme is available here :

PS : It's maybe better if you use the Theme Manager to package your theme (with this option). For exemple, there are your mail adresses in the mail plug-in... (but when you load your theme these informations are deleted ;-) ) - Jun 30 2009

May I add your theme to the server of Cairo-Dock ? - Jun 28 2009

Nice job ;) but I would just to say that there are some files not useful in your tarball :
* In "Extra", you can remove all repertories except "gauges/elementary/", "dustbin" and "mail".
* You can use symbolics links with same file
* In "plug-ins/switcher/", you can remove default.png or reduce it and convert it in jpg.

After that, you can propose your update to

Thanks - Jun 03 2009