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Nautilus Scripts by marc41 380 comments

hey, the script's great, but to address working on multiple files - the main reason, why i even downloaded the script was to be able to resize multiple graphic files (e.g. photos) at once.
you know, select like ten files, choose the script, extension and resolution and when i hit 'ok' it applies to all the selected files.
you think it would be possible to make that happen?
the script's good enough as it is, so i'm definitely keeping it, but it's just not, what i hoping for ;) - Dec 07 2008

Metacity Themes by ECHM 60 comments

i know i'm going to repeat what was said earlier, but would it be possible to make a version, where the buttons don't have the background (only a dark symbol showing which button it is)? i know this was useful when you had to distinguish the active from inactive window, but right now, Ubuntu for example, makes the titlebar transparent in the inactive window, so there's no use for that anymore.

and this would make it even more "Blended" ;)

also, is there any way do "disable" the button on the left side of the titlebar so that the program icon would be visible (like in standard Human theme, for example)?

anyway, this theme is very good and i'm going to stick with it for a looong time. - Jun 14 2008