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Mauricio Gonzalez , Mexico
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Event Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars 492 comments

by Zren
Score 89.9%
Jun 26 2020
Hi, first of all, great job, i was looking something like this for my work.

Now, I have an, issue?, on the agenda settings, thres is these 3 options in the current month box, but these are disabled, is this normal or a bug in the current release? Thanks - May 01 2019
KDE APK Thumbnailer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

by nihui
Score 80.0%
Jan 12 2013
How do I install this? - May 23 2013

Full Icon Themes 2 comments

Score 38.7%
Feb 17 2011
Thanks, the gnome look link is not working, please download from here: - Feb 17 2011
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes 1742 comments

Score 76.7%
Aug 23 2017
Hello I have a little problem, for install the theme you have to dois as the administrator but I need to install only in the desktop user (other acount), can you help me. - Sep 22 2010

Various Gnome Theming 315 comments

Score 75.8%
Nov 15 2010
Try uninstaling an istall again, i try to change the font and it works.
if dosent cahnge there is someting grong whit ubuntu. - Sep 16 2010
Actually the sounds theme cand be changed like this:

copy the new theme folder to /usr/share/souns
This theme sounds have to be in .wav or .ogg an the .theme file.

Actually i don't know how to create that .theme file but,I really don't think that will be hard. - Sep 15 2010
Congratulations for the exelent job here, but here is an idea that you could take.
Do a GTK theme for the complete integration of Nautilus elementeary, because on the view selector looks not horrible but dosent go whith the rest of theme.

Exerlent work and we will waith the next version. - Sep 14 2010
Arbeit AE Darker

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 09 2010
Exelent job, just one bug (in my case), the menu buttons in the application bar is too small, so can you doit a litle biger.

Sorry for my bad english - Aug 14 2010
amsn pack

aMSN 18 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 14 2010
Un compañero de Gnome look ha liberado instrucciones para hacer eso, te recomiendo las leas!?content=111746 - Sep 09 2009
¬¬, well, I'm writing in englif for people that write in english, ok, I will change the languaje in the descripcion. - Sep 08 2009
It's my blog XD
for install the instructions are in my blog. - Sep 07 2009
si, el cambiar el color del skin es un poco complejo, los plug-ins que segun realizan esa función no funcionan bien.
Lo subiré a la pagina de amsn también. - Sep 07 2009
Hay thanks (finally XD)
Be shure to vist my blog.

Gracias (finalmente XD)
Date una vuelta por mi blog, es la pagina de arriba.

- Sep 06 2009
Pidgin can put plus, in the plug-ins menu
plese, only comment about the Skin for amsn - Sep 06 2009
ok ¬¬
thanks for the comment, but if you're going to say that, don't put in here.

Pidgin it's good, but a lot of us like the Webcam. - Sep 06 2009

GTK2 Themes 31 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 05 2009
Now I can install Ubuntu, and say that is WInows XP - Sep 08 2009