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Marcel Spitau Kiel, Germany

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

No difference. :( Kopete is done well, but the whole PIM-thing does not work :( What kind of information do you need, for a propper debugging? - Aug 07 2008

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

No, nothing but KDE4 was running, no applications or programms. But I do not remember as WHO I ran your tool. It could be, that I used it as root (sudo -s), so that could be the problme somehow. I will delete my .kde4-directory and give it one more try as me ;) And I will report about the result.
BTW: I have no idea what you are talking about, if you say: "all-apps module" I had no choice to choose another module. But to be honest "all-apps" sound good to me! :D - Aug 07 2008

Utilities by ajventer 20 comments

I have tried your scrip and it did something. But for example it does not transported on of my email-accounts from kde3 to kde4 ... No calendar was transported. Only the standard-address book was copied. So, to be honest not realy usable or did I make something wrong? I am using Kubuntu hardy. - Aug 06 2008
Countdown Widget

Karamba & Superkaramba by amitron 5 comments

Hi, cool widget. Reduced to the max ;) But it would be great to give the countdown a title... - May 07 2008

Utilities by liukan 5 comments

Yep. Thanks... That sounds good! ;) Maybe you could mention it in the README-File - Jan 09 2008

Utilities by liukan 5 comments

... cool, but for how long will it locks the screen. I tried the tool. after 10 minutes I still was not able to work... I killed my x-Server and logged in again. Better question: where can I setup the locking-time? - Jan 09 2008
"Borealis" sound theme

System Sounds by SlipStreamScapes 108 comments

Hi the sound are asome! Is it planed to have more sounds?! Or maybe the default-Soundtheme for KDE :)
Great work! - Feb 13 2007
KDE Trash

Karamba & Superkaramba by xapeker 35 comments

Someone could upload it somewhere else once again? or Mail it to me ?! THX a lot! - Jan 30 2007

Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

Hi there,

thanks for giving us soundkonverter - the tool rocks!

But there is one thing, that could be improved. The cuesheet-editor is not that good. It is well enough to use it, but wouldn't it be better if:
* I do not have to type the time of the duration of the song, but the actual time in the track?!
* there could be a GUI looking more like this: (but with automatic growing colums)
* Maybe it would be great to have a little player, playing the song. With seek-buttons, I will find the exact point and than I will press the "set cue-point"-Button (may be also on the fly ;) )
Do not misunderstand this posting. Your tool is greater, but could be better ;)
MAW - Dec 30 2006

Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

Hi this applikation is GREAT! It works fine for me and does what it should do!

But to be honest, the cue-Editor could be a little bit more comfortable. For example: playing a Track, klicking on cuepoint, editing artist and songname doing that n-times and at the end saving the whole thing. :) That would be cool!

I would love to helping doing that but my programming skills with C+ are not even there!

Keep on rockin'

MAW - Dec 13 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by Legars 4 comments

Hi there, I tried this theme, but it does not work. I worte into the config file my server (I tried name AND IP!) and I didn't get anything. There is nothing wirtten into the theme and I feel like it is not connected...
Do you have suggestions?! thanks - Feb 15 2006
gdm Die Drei Fragezeichen Theme

Various Stuff by MAWSpitau 4 comments

Try to use it. To be honest, it is much cooler than kdm... (I hope that no webmaster from this page read that ;) ) - Mar 19 2004
Die Drei Fragezeichen Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by MAWSpitau 3 comments

Yo, thanks.
I still love to listen to them. ;) - Mar 24 2003
Faenza-Cupertino Kde

Full Icon Themes
by mrmars

Oct 23 2010

Screen Recorders
by justi

Feb 21 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

Jan 05 2010

by mtux

Jan 31 2009
seven aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations
by vicko

9   Apr 02 2011
Kdust Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations
by Scnd101

9   Apr 02 2011
Faenza-Cupertino Kde

Full Icon Themes
by mrmars

9   Oct 23 2010