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massimiliano oneto
Paper Icons

Full Icon Themes by snwh 40 comments

i'm just fallen in love with this icons theme.
it has its identity,not copying android and mac.
To me linux must use this as default modern and elegant.
Thanks for this theme!!! - May 05 2016

Full Icon Themes by tsujan 83 comments

I was looking to another set of icons,to wear my desktop in the perfect way for me..and right now I'm using this set of icons grey version,and grey sound like ..gre.a.t!! so keep this fantastic job update as you can please!!! - Jan 05 2012
Linux HUD Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by prometheuscomplex 2 comments

It's clean and looks wonderfull on my laptop.I want to see how many days it would be as wallpaper on my desktop(wish long time),colours and design are simply amazing!!!! - Jan 05 2012
Absolute Luna

GTK2 Themes by Masque 30 comments

Recently I'm trying your desktop look on my debian squeeze and I have to say it became very clean and professional,just was thinking in my mind not so far from clearlooks style but modern .Compliment - Nov 19 2011
Debian is my choice

Wallpapers Debian by debianforumru 2 comments

this wallpaper fit my desktop in debian perfect style. - Nov 14 2011

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 30 comments

what can I say?faenza icons are maybe the best icon pack,but...there is somthing could be corrected,one of this is trash can icon and you redisigned a good one,plus the opportunity to colorized them .Very good work,continue on this way please!!!! - Sep 03 2011
Ubuntu Fitts Ambiance (Natty Only)

GTK2 Themes by swordjr 19 comments

It is a good idea for the newest version of ubuntu in my opinion,I don't like dark themes but this, I appreciated immediatly.Thank you - Mar 04 2011

Full Icon Themes by Gnom-IK 6 comments

One of the best icons set I have seen.Keep going this job!!!THANKS.:) - Mar 01 2011
Murrine Unity Theme

GTK2 Themes by celticmusicguy 27 comments

I was looking to a beautifull theme ,not dark and not looks like other operating system.I'm using ubuntu and this theme is very good for it,maybe could have a chance to be one of newer theme.Personally this appear more beautifull installed than the preview.Keep going man!!! - Jan 18 2011
Gnome 3 Unreleased Edition

GTK2 Themes by moeenn 10 comments

a simple way to put the controls button to the left side is the ubuntu tweak installation and after that you can go in the menu window-settings fixing it. - Jan 10 2011
Marqeaux' Wallpaper Quartet

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Marqeaux 2 comments

I was looking for some special wallpaper ,not the same as a million you can see on the did right one I need.CONGRATULATIONS!!! - Dec 27 2010
Gnome 3 Unreleased Edition

GTK2 Themes by moeenn 10 comments

this is my first time ,I send a comment about work on this that means you created somthing so special for me(in my opinion).I wish in the future ubuntu will develop a version like this.PERFECT - Dec 04 2010