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maxim gnidak Chishinau, Moldova
Artistic Style Plugin

Developers Apps by lykurg 13 comments

Thx you guys. Very big thx. Needed plugin. - Mar 25 2010

Qt Widgets by kernelchaos 6 comments

How i can't give posobilyt to resize window, becouse setFixedMinimumHeight() not working. It still can be resized to 0. - Mar 13 2010

Education Apps by daimonKor 11 comments

Слушай а исходники можно ? - Dec 12 2009
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Qt Widgets by coma94 11 comments

Some times when clicks "picks color" widget not emitting signal colorChanged() , but when twice pick color it's works ! So for working not only button pick color but whole widget func. some times need click twice . - Oct 09 2009
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Qt Widgets by coma94 11 comments

Thx ... With this slots it more useful.))) Thx, again. - Oct 03 2009
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Qt Widgets by coma94 11 comments

What Signals emitting color choose ?
When connecting signals and slots with my widget ? - Sep 29 2009
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Qt Widgets by coma94 11 comments

Man thx, it really look nice and useful for me ! Thx, again. - Sep 29 2009

Qt Widgets by jlareau 2 comments

Man it's look very cool. Good work. But can i ask some thing ? Does it integrating into qt designer ? If so can u provide instruction ? - Aug 22 2009
Conan - Connection analyzer for Qt

Developers Apps by gnik 8 comments

I have win32 and qt creater 1.2.0
and i have several errors when compiling it. Where i can send them ? - Aug 17 2009

Qt Widgets by qphoton 2 comments

Help me integrate it to qt designer.
I run from windows xp console next commands :

qmake then mingw32-make and then mingw32-make install. All files copied to plug ins folder. But one not copied (QTimer.ui) i copied it manually. And then try compile it and nothing was happens, i didn't found this widget in qtdesigner ... Can u provide manual how to install ? - Jul 27 2009
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