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Tuomas Nurmi , Finland
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Plasma 5 Applets

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Jul 28 2017
Thank you for the report! There seems indeed to be something wrong with some pages on the new version, I'll look into it when I have time. - Jul 28 2017
Hmm, the applet uses directly Qt's function to open an external URL ("Attempts to open the specified target url in an external application, based on the user's desktop preferences." according to documentation), so it'd seem the problem's somewhere in the desktop settings. I hope you find a solution! - Jul 20 2017

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Feb 25 2012
This applet aims only to provide a static picture of the page; probably the webbrowser plasmoid fits internet radios better. - Mar 17 2012
(If I understood correctly) yes, that's the way I intended it (I realize my description was not very clear), but the behaviour you expected sounds also interesting, I think I will try adding it as an option later. - Feb 25 2012
Good to know, although I have no idea what fixed it. - Feb 25 2012
Yes; 4.7.80 here, too. - Dec 08 2011
I also run oS 12.1, all the versions same, so it's something else... Strange - Dec 08 2011 someone has had the same problem with different content, but no solution there, either... hmm - Dec 08 2011
Do you have python-kdebase4? - Dec 08 2011
Hmm, could you run it from console with "plasmoidviewer webcut" and see if it shows an error message? - Dec 08 2011
Blue Note

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May 18 2009
Ah, sorry, completely forgot to reply.
The ideas sound nice, but I'm afraid I'm not going to work on this plasmoid any time soon; I tend to code only when I get inspired, and that is unfortunately not very often and not for very long continuous periods. - Aug 07 2011
Strange. Works for me with oS11.4. Reinstalling doesn't help? Also, this is python-based widget, do you have the required packages installed? python-kdebase4 at least, I believe. - May 14 2011
Good idea, I will look into it the next time I start working on this plasmoid (might take some time, though) *adds to TODO* - Nov 13 2009
Done :) - May 18 2009
Thanks :)

Sure, it will probably be one of the first things I will do when I start working on this next time - May 17 2009
Fine ideas, I will look into them. Adding tenor and alto should be an easy task, actually.

Also, I believe H is the Northern European name for B. It is switchable in the configuration dialog, though. If it looks like I'm in minority, I might change the default to B :) - Apr 19 2009

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by yogin
Score 76.7%
Jul 08 2011
If you add support to files in subdirectories, I don't have to use cbrpager ever again! (1 gtk software less \o/) Other than that, great app! - Jun 26 2006