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May 23 2007
Hi, I've just switched to Amarok2, so I may port this script someday.
I would have to learn QTScript and digg into the new amarok API, but I don't have much time these days.
It should be possible to do this without changing the firefox extension too much.
- Apr 16 2009

glad you like it!
This is a firefox extension so yes it requires firefox.
I don't know about if the firefox version for mobiles (fennec I think) will feature extensions, but if it does it may be possible to make it run on a mobile device.
Some modifications to the UI may be required due to the size of these devices though.
bye, - Jul 01 2008

the minimum amarok version required is 1.4.3.

I think the database structure changed during the 1.4 development, and it looks like there is nothing wrong in your log.

the problem is here:
[XUL remote DCOP ] query: select distinct t.title, t.deviceid, t.url
from album al, artist ar, tags t
where t.artist = and t.album = and = 'Paul McCartney' and = 'Memory Almost Full'
order by t.discnumber, t.track
[XUL remote DCOP ] query results: []

perhaps in 1.3.8 there were not some of the requested fields.

could you try this in a terminal:
dcop amarok collection query "select distinct t.title from album al, artist ar, tags t
where t.artist = and t.album = and = 'Paul McCartney' and = 'Memory Almost Full'"

anyways, you sould try a post 1.4.3 version to see if it works.
- Jul 14 2007

You should try the new 1.0 release that fixes this problem. - May 23 2007
You are actually the second one who reports this.
there is an open bug:

I will try to make the script quit if it's launched by kde session manager (ksmserver) - May 23 2007

You may have two instances of the script running, the second one having problems, because the port is already used by the first instance.

could you check if you have 1 or 2 scripts running with:
ps -eaf|grep XulRemote

I think on startup the script may be restored by both Amarok and the KDE session manager.

If this is the problem you have, I will try to detect if another script instance is running on startup.

- May 22 2007
that should be resolved with the last release 0.9b.
and btw, when the script is launched by the Amarok script manager, the config file is read from :

- Apr 30 2007
Hi, I've posted a sample in the description on this page.
However the setup interface should work everywhere, I'd like to fix this bug.
do you see some errors when you launch the script by hand? - Apr 23 2007

You may have problems with your python installation.
what distribution/version are you running?
have you compiled some python modules by yourself? - Apr 16 2007

could you post the full output please?

thanks - Apr 16 2007
I know the collection browser needs improvements, but that should be done with a DCOP API, on Amarok side for querying the collection.
Anyone interested? - Nov 30 2006

the drag and drop issue is resolved in the last 0.9a release.

I'll close the bug report on amarok, for future ptoblems with xul-remote, you can use its bug tracker on sourceforge:

about the '#' problem I will try to reproduce this.

thanks for your feedback.
- Nov 03 2006
Hi, I assume you're using Amarok 1.4.3, could you enable debug in:
and post the output generated when you drag the tracks to the playlist and post it here?

also you could open a bug report on
it may be a more convenient place than here to discuss about this issue.


- Oct 24 2006

I'm working on a new release right now,
I can send you a pre-version if you wish to test it before I publish it.
- Oct 19 2006

please could you tell me what Amarok version you're running, I think it's related to a Amarok database shema change in 1.4.2, I've not updated since.

I have to release a new version as soon as I can, to support firefox 2 too.

thanks. - Sep 30 2006
there may be a problem with pyqt on your system.
have you tried another script like webcontrol (provided with amarok) that uses pyqt for its config dialog? - May 07 2006

that's weird.
the HTTP server is not launched until a config file is created.
however, the config window should appear if you don't have a config file.
just to be sure, do you have a ~.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data directory, is there a xulremote.ini file into? - May 07 2006

I've reproduced the problem, it's now fixed in 0.7a.
the script was failing when trying to resolve IPs without hostname.

thanks for your feedback! - Mar 01 2006

it depends on the interface you set up in the script preferences, you can configure this from the script manager.

you may try to leave it empty, or to put the IP adress of your server's LAN interface. - Mar 01 2006
one of your artists tags may contain characters than can't be converted to unicode.
I will release a new version this week-end that will handle this, and will have new features like authentication, some debugging possibilities and correct others bugs. - Feb 16 2006

I'm working on it, and it's almost ready for release.
0.6 will be released very soon, after some more testing (I have to check it still works with a non-SVN amarok, on a non utf-8 system).

It features big changes under the hood, I've replaced xml-rpc with ajax.
Also I'd like to put real sliders for volume and seek, I have to find an example.

stay tuned! - Feb 11 2006
try the new version, it should work - Feb 05 2006

This control is already there, you can click on the right slider on the status bar.
The left one controls seek. - Jan 21 2006
this issue has been corrected in the 0.3 release, as part of layout enhancements.

unfortunately, I won't maintain a separate release for firefox 1.0.x, but I'm aware that a lot of people are still using 1.0.x.

the best solution would be to make it work with both 1.5 and 1.0.x, but some things have changed in firefox, the tree view behavior for example, and it won't be trivial. I'll have a look at this.
BTW, firefox 1.5 beta is very stable. - Oct 16 2005
Hi, I appreciate you find it useful. 1 - I didn't explained that, because it works like any other amaroK script, so i thought it was obvious. I'm going to add a note about this. 2 - I fully agree, I'm going to write that too 3 - that's a bug, I will fix it in next release. 4 - that's been improved in 0.3. 5 - that is in the todo list, I have to work on it. 6 - Yes you can! click on the status bar to seek and to set volume. unfortunately XUL has no slider widget, it would be useful in this case. thanks for your feedback! - Oct 16 2005
Hi, check in the firefox tools menu, you should have an amarok remote entry. - Sep 25 2005
I think there is a bug, prefs are not taken in account until you re-launch the extension, so it doesn't work the first time you launch it. I'm going to fix that.

about the collection browser, can you tell me what database engine you're using? - Sep 12 2005

you must use port 8888, the same that serves the extension.
If you can install the extension, it means that the script is running.

it should work with the same host/port you used for installing the extension, let me know if it doesn't. - Sep 12 2005
if you wish to use it with firefox 1.0.5 or 1.0.6 you have to use the older 0.2 release available here:

0.3 runs on firefox 1.5 (currently in beta) - Sep 11 2005

Thanks for your interest!
I'm currently working on it, it will be released very soon. - Sep 10 2005

I think you're right, you need kde python bindings.

However I haven't used Suse for years, I don't know how they manage dependancies.
It seems to be a dependency problem have you installed/upgraded packages from multiple sources?
maybe YAST could resolve this problem?

have a look here, you may need kdebindings3-python:

another solution would be to use vnc or NX for example.

hope this helps.

bye - May 17 2005
Hi, I already have a patch for removeByIndex(int).
however, something like removeMedia(url) would be better.
I will have a look on this and propose a patch on the ml. - May 02 2005
ok, you miss python dcop bindings, you can install:
- python-dcop package on Debian
- libkdec1 on Mandrake
- kdebindings on RedHat - May 01 2005
what is the output when you launch it by hand?:
cd ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/xulremote
./ - May 01 2005