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Matthew Bevan

Network by bilibao 13 comments

I also dream of using a terminal as little as possible - despite my lack of launcher-icons and use of the Alt+F2 run dialog...

I'm looking for something rather specific, though. I need to be able to create new SSH tunnels, say, from a tray application. I'm thinking such an application would go well with kssh... I'll be downloading a copy of the source to have a closer look. - Jan 10 2005
Konqueror/kdesktop suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by PovMan 18 comments

Though I agree with most that the Windows-like behaviour of using one application (Explorer) for everything is daft. First, it goes completely against the UN*X-ish view of using many small, well-written, stable, and virtually-bug-free applications to accomplish larger goals (i.e. tar to group files, gzip to compress, together to archive), and it also creates a single breaking point - as Windows often clearly demonstrates.

However, I do approve of using a background instance of an application to spawn new instances quickly. If the master process goes down, the children (hopefully) shouldn't, and a new master process should get launched. If this feature is already available in KDE 3.2, I truly can't wait for the release or addition of KDE-CVS to Gentoo's Portage tree. (Yeah, yeah, I'm too lazy to do the CVS/compile myself. ;-P)

[rant]To those that simply say "no" to ideas... you have issues. KDE and Linux are all about options. Options are optional. You can simply decline to use it, but IMHO all ideas that are requested should eventually be added. There is no reason not to (well, with the possible exception of time and effort, but that's different). If one person wants it, there are likely many who don't know they want it yet, but would use it if it was there. ;-)[/rant] - Dec 29 2003
Curve Cog

Wallpaper Other by mbevan 6 comments

I took that awhile ago and messed around with the code they handed me. It took up way too much space :( Hope they don't mind, but the test is quite funny. - Nov 17 2001
Curve Cog

Wallpaper Other by mbevan 6 comments

Done and done! :D Fast service, no? - Nov 17 2001