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Service Monitor

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Nov 01 2011
Glad to hear this. I once had a similar problem with delayed upgrades for python bindings. Was really annoying... - Oct 13 2012
Are you still having this issue? Can you give some more precise information? - Oct 13 2012
Sorry for the late answer, I haven't been at home. What was the cause? - Jan 01 2012
Puh, das wird vermutlich schon die Plasma Scriptengine für Python sein. Aber ich weiß nicht, was für ein Paket man da unter SuSE installieren muss. Hast du mal geschaut, ob es ein Paket "plasma-scriptengine-python" gibt? - Dec 02 2011
Unter Debian muss "plasma-scriptengine-python" installiert sein, bei suse müsste es dasselbe oder was ähnliches geben. Falls es das nicht war, welche Fehlermeldung bekommst du? - Nov 28 2011
That may be right, but pidof also produces no output if the given process cannot be found.
For a check to fail, it is sufficient to return non-zero exit code OR zero output.
For a check to succeed, it must return exit code zero AND non-empty output.

Besides, on second thought it makes little to define a service for the akonadi MySQL process, because there is no shutdown possibility other than killing the server or akonadi itself. For akonadi there is already a service defined, and killing the MySQL process right under Akonadi's nose seems a bad idea to me. - Nov 03 2011
The return code is irrelevant if the commands are syntactically correct and produce no errors. So for the check to succeed it must only produce non-empty output. - Nov 02 2011
Thank you very much. I have included the definitions in the tools & settings file. - Nov 01 2011
Thank you for the suggestions!

Actually, it seems you were thinking a bit too complicated. The following commands seem to work fine:

show non-akonadi process:
ps ax | grep "/usr/sbin/mysqld" | grep -v grep| grep -v akonadi

show akonadi process:
ps ax | grep "/usr/sbin/mysqld" | grep -v grep| grep akonadi

Can you check if they work correctly? Then I'll include them into the official sources. - Nov 01 2011
Can you try issuing the commands from command line and check if it produces the same error? - Nov 01 2011
Hm, maybe I could compile different icon themes... but currently I have no time for that, so you will have to fix this problem locally:
all icons are contained in a Qt resource file which is compiled from ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/contents/code/UI/Icons.qrc
Adapt it to your needs, then execute "pyrcc4 Icons.qrc >" to recompile the resource file.

Please note: only edit the paths, not the aliases! The paths must be relative from the working directory and if after successful compilation the old icons are still displayed, try to restart Plasma/KDE or reboot (because Qt caches loaded resources and I haven't found out yet how to flush this cache) - Nov 10 2010
That was indeed a serious bug you discovered. I corrected it. Reinstall the plasmoid, then it should work.

Thanks. - Sep 29 2010
Maybe you forgot to copy the shebang line? - Sep 29 2010
The error messages pops up because kdesu prints its debug output to stderr, which makes service monitor think something has gone wrong. Here is a little workaround: create the following script:

import sys, os
os.system('/usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kdesu %s 2> /dev/null' % ' '.join(sys.argv[1:]))

Make it executable and use it instead of /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kdesu. - Sep 28 2010
When the light is red, the service is definitely off (running check fails). - Sep 28 2010
Hm okay, seems to me like plasma cannot decide the formfactor correctly for the plasmoid. Try the following:

Go to ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/service-monitor/contents/code and open

Line 40 should read like this:

self.setupAppletUi() if self.formFactor() == Plasma.Planar else self.setupPopupUi()

Change it to:


You cannot place the plasmoid into dock anymore, but at least it should display correctly on desktop. - Sep 28 2010
Same errors here. It seems to be a bug in kdesu, since it fails even when called from the console. - Sep 27 2010

Probably unrelated to your problem.

I was hoping to see any error messages from my plasmoid, but everything seems to be fine.

About your problem: do you place the plasmoid in the dock or on desktop? And can you describe your problem a little more detailed? - Sep 27 2010
EDIT: gksu (not gksudo) provides this functionality. It asks for the root password, not the user pw. - Sep 27 2010
If you know some tool which takes a bash command, prompts for the root password and then executes the command with root privileges, you can enter its name into the SUDO environment variable.

Unfortunately I don't know of any such tool, but it should not be too hard to write one yourself. - Sep 27 2010
I don't quite get what you want... Do you want to be prompted for the root password by the widget directly instead of kdesudo?
Or do you simply want to change kdesudo to gksudo or something? (see environment vars in config) - Sep 27 2010
try running it with plasmoidviewer and look for error messages. - Sep 27 2010
Yeah, you are right. I'll think about including this in the next version. - Jul 25 2010
Look at the running-check command: "pidof smbd"
It looks if there is a process running with the name "smbd" - and this seems to be distro-independent.
The start/stop commands will probably not work for you since the init-script has a different name.
To fix this, you can create a custom service with the correct start/stop commands for opensuse or edit the xml source file before you include it.

I'll try to find a nice solution for such problems in the next version. If you have any ideas how this can be done, please tell me :) - Jul 25 2010
Thanks. I have the suspicion that i have to assemble different xml files for every distribution >.<

If you have set up mysql as working custom service, would you please upload it so I can include it? (use the "share with others" button) That would be very helpful :) - May 24 2010
Sorry, this seems to be an error caused by me - in the case of cron and mysql, I mistyped a word in the definition file (I accidentally mixed up the ending "d" in cron and mysqld). And cron outputs another status message since the last upgrade, so the running check didn't work anymore. I have corrected it in the current version. You can also download the new XML file from my website using the "search for new sources" button in Service Monitor and then import it using the "add XML source file" button. - May 24 2010
Maybe this will help you debugging: have a look at
There you find the service definiton files. They contain the shell commands to be executed. Try them on the console to find out which doesn't work correctly. - May 24 2010
there seems to be no edit function... O_o

I just noticed: kdesudo is not installed by standard anymore, so that's what may be missing. It is called to temporarily give the user root rights.

Make sure it is installed and configure the /etc/suduers file, i.e. add a line
<user> ALL=(ALL) ALL
to allow <user> to run every root command with his own user password. - May 24 2010
Which distro do you use? Maybe the commands have to be adjusted for your system.

You can try to make these daemons work as custom services and submit them to me via the "share" button. - May 24 2010
what do you mean by "any build in services didnt work"? - May 24 2010
SmartNotify (unobtrusive notifications)

Plasma 4 Extensions 16 comments

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Oct 08 2010
I am on KDE 4.6, and I had the same problem. It seems the D-Bus interface has changed in one of the recent releases.

It should be fixed now, try reinstalling the current version from GitHub. - Nov 01 2011
Thank you!

I'm glad I have made something useful :)

Currently I don't have time to further develop this project because of my diploma thesis, but when I'm finished, I will continue my work on it. Your suggestion that the last notification stays on screen is very good, I will keep that in mind.
About pidgin: the reason it doesnt work is probably that pidgin doesnt send its notifications to dbus, but instead handles them on its own.
I for myself have stopped using pidgin in favor of kopete for its better integration into KDE. - Feb 16 2011
I designed them for my desktop, which has 2 panels - one at the bottom with the task bar and one panel at the top with all my tools. The upper one had a lot of space free, which was the reason for my design. If I get you right, you would prefer a single icon which flashes when a notification occurs and only when you hover it, a CSS-style popup with te text appears.
How about the part with the job progress bars? This should be similar in design - only one icon too - but it should contain some kind of indicator so you can see immediately how far the job(s) have progressed.

I have to say I like the idea with the single icons, it's very minimalistic and often an icon is enough to guess what the message says (for exampe the KMail icon indicates new messages). But as this approach differs quite a lot from my current one, I will have to delay any work on it until I have more time.

If anyone is interested in helping me out, I would welcome that :) - Oct 10 2010
I will not have much spare time for the next 6 months because of my diploma, so please tell me:
which would be the most wanted features for the next version?

Also, if anyone of you is eager to help me further develop both plasmoids I could register a sourceforge account for it.
Anyone interested? - Oct 10 2010
I'm glad you like it :)
- Oct 09 2010
Seems your libkdecore5 package is outdated or something...
Unfortunately I have no experience at all with making deb packages, this was my first one, so I can't tell exactly what's going wrong here.
Check your libkdecore5 version and if there is nothing wrong, try installing SmartNotify from source, it's not that hard - just execute the commands as written in the INSTALL file. - Oct 09 2010
If you have an idea on how to design the notification plasmoid for vertical panels, tell me. The only thing that came to my mind was rotating the text by 90 degrees. But then it will not be very readable... - Oct 09 2010