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Nautilus Scripts by switchrodeo720 3 comments

I first found this script at another site, and it did not mention that it was a Nautilus script there.
In the script I would suggest you add documentation something like:

# This is a gnome-nautilus specific script;
# it's location makes a difference!
# 1) Copy script to your home's .gnome2/nautilus-scripts directory
# or (less commonly)
# ~/Nautilus/scripts directory.
# 2) Make script executable there (preferences/permission-tab/ check executable box)
# 3) Highlight the files you want to work with.
# 4) Right click and look for "Scripts".
# 5) Click on this script.
# (If this script is missing,
# you may have to display
# the scripts directory
# in a nautilus window at least once first.)

The script is very useful and works perfectly so far! - Sep 17 2011