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Michael Leavitt Glendale, United States of America
God So Loved

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First of all, historical records indicate that typical crucifiction was performed by lashing the victim to the cross with rope. It is very atypical to have nailed them there. Crucifiction is a method of asphyxiation, wherein the victim is unable to breathe due to the extreme tension on the upper torso. Breathing becomes increasingly shallow, to the point that what little oxygen the victim can intake is insufficient to supply enough air to sustain life. It is an extremely slow and agonizing death. If you are going use this site as a forum to foster your agenda the I would suggest you get your facts correct. - Jan 17 2004
Psalm 150:3

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The problem is they "believe" they have a dog given right to shove this crap down everybodies throats!! Its quite pathetic. - Jan 07 2004
Arizona Sunsets

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As a lifelong native of this great state I must say, these images are NOT filtered. I have seen the sunset here a thousand times and have yet to get tired of them. Great pics BTW. - Jan 07 2004
Lost Tux

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LOOK! With as many forums as there are to preach to the mindless sheep who would love to regurgitate this inane drivel. DO IT SOME PLACE ELSE!

Not to mention this site has taken on so many "five minute GIMP" jobs its degrading the value of the overall site. And then the non-thinking parrot heads get into the mix and really screw it up! WTF

Let's bring the value of this site up and post only worth while efforts of creative thinking. - Jan 02 2004
Sparkling Sounds

System Sounds by flow 10 comments

Sounds good, lets hear some more. - Dec 24 2003
nice noia splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Mohasr 9 comments

Calitus is the best. I would love to see what he could come up with in a window decoration! - Jan 28 2003