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Mar 15 2020
I just made my own measurements and here is what I got:

I used the following pictures and tools to measure:
High Sierra:
Mojave Light:,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/eb193rjpjonmjtkjcuom.png
Mojave Dark:
Color Picker:

High Sierra Red: #F76152 / RGB(247, 97, 82)
Mojave Light Red: #FE6254 / RGB(254, 98, 84)
Mojave Dark Red: #E9524A / RGB(233, 82, 74)

High Sierra Yellow: #FFB431 / RGB(255, 180, 49)
Mojave Light Yellow: #FDC92D / RGB(253, 201, 45)
Mojave Dark: Yellow: #F1AE1B / RGB(241, 174, 27)

High Sierra Green: #34D435 / RGB(52, 212, 53)
Mojave Light Green: #28D33F / RGB(40, 211, 63)
Mojave Dark Green: #59C837 / RGB(89, 200, 55)

Overall, from what I can see, Mojave Light is brighter than both Mojave Dark and High Sierra. I think you'll have to modify the gtk-dark.css file to make it use other window buttons than the light variant. - Nov 17 2018
+ - Nov 17 2018
Hi! The theme looks great but I have a problem with the dullish window buttons. Although I agree these are the macOS Mojave Dark mode window buttons, the light mode seems to use more vivid colours for the window buttons, closer (or identical) to what High Sierra had.

Could you change it?

Otherwise, it is great - Nov 17 2018

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Dec 28 2017
Hi! Nice theme.

Since you said it is under construction, I will wait before giving you any concrete feedback but I can only encourage you to continue on that path. - Dec 29 2017

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Apr 16 2018
Unfortunately, it is not possible to blur things with GTK+ 3. It is, however a functionality being discussed/implemented for GTK+ 4 but I don't know when that will be released or when GNOME dev will change their apps to move to GTK+ 4.

Personally, I wish I would be able to blur my terminal's background, contextual menus or shell elements like the top bar and the dock but it is currently impossible. - Dec 07 2017

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Dec 28 2017
- Have the Tweak Tool installed (needed to change themes, icons and cursors (amongst other things))
- Have the User Themes extension installed (needed to change Shell Themes)

1. Download the archive
2. Open you file explorer in your home folder
3. Show hidden files
4. Look for a folder named .themes. If there isn't one, create it
5. Open .themes and extract the archive in it
6. Close the file explorer and open the Tweak Tool
7. In Appearance, there is a Shell Theme option. In there select Human-NEXT.
8. Enjoy your new theme.

That's the installation process of Shell Themes. GTK Themes (handling windows) follow the same principle but, in step 7, Shell Themes is replaced by GTK+. Icons and cursors are also installed similarly but are stored in .icons instead of .themes.

In some cases, themes or icon packs are installed through a package (.deb, .rpm, .aur, etc.), in this case skip 6 first steps and go straight to 7. - Sep 06 2017

There it is. I didn't include the dark dots for the dash. Tell me if you want them too. - Sep 03 2017
I'd be happy to help with what I can do.

How do you want me to send it? - Sep 02 2017
I've been working a little more on your theme and managed to have the blue text when hovering over the appMenu.

I added ".panel-button:hover #appMenu {color: #0077ff;}" around line 730-735. I also added the same line with active instead of hover but it didn't change anything so, I guess it was useless.

I also changed some assets:

Here with the close button in Overview (replaced by modified close buttons from the Gn-OSX-HS GTK theme):

And I also changed the colours of the dots on the dash to dark dots (rbg 42 2 0) instead of white ones:

Good continuation!
- Aug 27 2017
I managed to have the bold texts I was looking for in the Activities text and AppMenu text. Here is what I did:

For the Appmenu text: at line 729 of gnome-shell.css, I changed the font-weight from "300" to "bold".

For the Activities button: I searched for an hour for a tutorial or a way to modify it before finally noticing the guy developing Activities Configurator mention rapidly the possibility to format the text. So I changed Ubuntu to Ubuntu in the extension.

Here is the result:

Since the change is dependent from Activities Configurator, I don't know if it is a good idea to put it in the version you release. - Aug 25 2017
I really like the fact the sub-menu's titles of the Status menu become blue and bold when selected. I also like the colour used.

I only have two remarks:
- The menu of the running application doesn't become blue when hovered over or selected which breaks consistency.
- I still have the problem of having an empty menu slot in menus requiring only one item like Firefox's or Dash to Dock's "Show Application" icon (when right-clicked on). Here are examples:
- Dash to Dock:
- Firefox:
- Sound menu (scroll on the sound icon with Better Sound Indicator extension):

I modified the Activities icon and text with Activities Configurator and changed the font to the Ubuntu family for better coherence with the rest but in general it is great.

If I may suggest, I'd really like for the Activities button's text and the app menu button text to be bold but I won't bother you with that as I know you hide the text on the Activities button. I'll look if I find a way to do it (and tell you if I do) but it is not really urgent. I'm really eager to see the future changes. - Aug 24 2017
La Capitaine

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Feb 17 2019
Tout le plaisir est pour moi.

I really like your theme btw. - Jul 18 2017
French is my first language so I might help you with that one.

Traditionally, capitaine is masculine only (for historical reasons, main one being the absence of female captains for the most part of the language's existence). But, as we know, it is now possible to find women at positions were they would be qualified as "capitaines". Therefore came the need to create a feminine form. In French, it is generally done by simply adding an 'e' at the end of the word (for example, "avocat" (lawyer) becomes "avocate" when speaking of a woman) with the usual exceptions you find in French (and the exceptions of the exceptions). As "capitaine" already ends with an 'e', the word don't change (that 'e' is silent anyway (but changes the pronunciation of the end of the word in some cases)). So "la capitaine" is totally correct if applied to a woman. You can find an example on wiktionary (french one) under the 4th definition: "La capitaine de l'équipe de volley féminin."

As such, it is not masculine or feminine but both and, out of context, "le capitaine" or "la capitaine" are both correct. - Jul 18 2017
Human Shell Theme

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Jul 04 2019
May I suggest a Human Mobile variant with the iOS style slider and notification area? That way, you could suit everyone's preferences and keep the 4.5 sliders (it is your theme after all).

We would then have:
- Human Light with light notification area, menus and top bar and desktop macOS style sliders

- Human Dark with dark notification area, menus and top bar and desktop macOS style sliders

- Human Mobile with Human 4.5 notification area and menus and a fully transparent or dark translucent top bar that becomes dark or light when a window is maximized (like the future behaviour of the top bar on Gnome 3.26) and the current sliders to mimic behaviour and look of iOS 11.

Also, a bug or problem I noticed while using 4.5 BETA is that it is impossible for the sliders bar to be completely full when sound is maximized.

Keep up with the good work! It's one of my favourite shell theme with United. - Jun 11 2017
Ok, I've seen where it comes from. Remember that what is good in mobile interface might not be on desktop. I think there are two solutions:
- You can wait a little and see how High Sierra does it to use those sliders
- You can keep this aesthetics but make the bar smaller (a half or a third of its current width) to keep the iOS feel while maintaining a good coherency with the desktop.
- You can leave it like that. It's your theme after all ^^

I was talking about the red. The grey is good and coherent with the rest of the theme.

One last thing I forgot:
- The notifications that appear on the centre of the screen when using Fn-keys to change the volume or brightness (I don't know how to call that)

And I take back what I said about Gnome OSX, your theme works really well with the last version (Gnome OSX H.Sierra) - Jun 11 2017
I almost forgot. In personal observations:
- The Power Off color looks really bright. A slightly darker color might be better. - Jun 10 2017
Comment for Version 4.5 BETA

Personal observations:

- Sliders for volume and brightness should be smaller. The previous ones were perfect in my opinion.

- If you want to do a dark variant of the theme, you should also make the top bar dark. Like this:
You could call this dark variant "Human Dark". For comparison, here is the light variant:
I think that given the limits of GTK+ 3 (no blur), you pretty much nailed the light variant.

- I thought you nailed the dock color and transparency in 4.2 but it is even better now. For both light and potential dark variant of your theme.

- Menus might be too big. Given the size of your to bar, the size of the menus is pretty disturbing.

- I don't know why you use grey for the hover and selection colors but I think blue would be more appropriate given the goal of your theme is to reproduce macOS look. That's only a matter of personal taste.

- I know you recommend Gnome-OSX for your theme but I've found it to work better with OSX-Arc-Plus

Technical issues:
- For some reasons, if a menu has only one entry, it shows the entry and then put one or two empty lines under the first and only useful line. I had that on 4.2 too.

For the rest, good work in general. Continue like that! - Jun 10 2017

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La Capitaine

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Human Shell Theme

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