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Matt Miller Toronto, Canada
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Sep 05 2017
Found the new modified lua file.
Here is the link:;a=blob;f=share/lua/playlist/youtube.lua;h=7089960b48f81351adb6f336b5a3524ee8ec97ba;hb=71b243f49fa89807adb30e84d026a0318200ccdc
- Nov 25 2015
I think it happened again today!
It seems YouTube is changing their video link format more frequently.
Is there a new lua file available to match YouTube's new changes?

On a separate note, is there anyway to change the script in YouTube.lua to only play videos with 720p and up? In other words if the video resolution is less than 720p then it skips to next video in playlist. Any hints would be much appreciated.

Cheers - Nov 24 2015
Thanks a lot man!
It worked.

Cheers - Nov 12 2015
Hey guys,
I think YouTube has changed the structure of their video links to ensure everyone uses only browser or their app to view contents that are copyrighted and are forced fed with Ad contents.
It's been few days that I'm not able to open any such video links (ie VEVO music video).

Is anybody else facing the same issue?
Try the following link and see if you can open it:

Thanks - Nov 12 2015
Youtube playlist

VLC Playlist Parsers
by exebetche

Score 85.8%
Nov 12 2015