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Gray-ce-full Icon Theme

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Jun 12 2007
(Part 2 :P)
You'll also want to align it to the grid by pressing the # key and lining it up. Oh, and most lines should be 1 px thick at a given resolution. Keep up the good work! - May 09 2007
Inkscape's pretty self explanatory. Basically, instead of tracing over the existing artwork you should import the image (file -> import), resize the document (file -> document properties, select 'size to selected' or something similar) and get drawing with bezier curves. Then you can change the fill color to some light gradients or even add some transparency to the icons.

To be Tango compliant, you'll need to have the lighter end of the gradient in the top left (normally), and have a lighter inner border. You'll generally need a shadow, which simply involves creating a circle, filling it a dark color, chosing radial gradient, adjusting transparency and positioning it.

It's very powerful and mostly self explanatory. - May 09 2007
Are you using inkscape? If so, press control + F and select a gradient as fill. You can then change the direction using the gradient tool. If you're not, I'd strongly suggest you look into since it's the ideal app for what you're doing. - May 09 2007
Also, some of your own icons are missing shadows which make them a bit out of place. Stylistic, again, but I only criticize things that are worth using :) - May 09 2007
The line style's great and all, but how about some gradients and highlights to add a little depth? For example, if you want it to fit in with tango icons you should probably go for a light inner border inside outlines and a light source in the top left.

Anyway, good work and I hope you go through with it. - May 09 2007
Neo-Gilouche - GTK & Beryl Themes

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May 26 2007
I've made them myself, but am still tweaking the CSS. I'll probably release them soon. - May 09 2007
There the same colour (I checked with your screenshot), I expect it's because mine's against a slightly lighter and more saturated wallpaper. I use size 8 sans, with 'best contrast' font rendering (I think that's just full hinting). For some reason, I've always preferred the hinting at that font size for some reason... - May 03 2007
I'll most likely work on one when I've got this to a final state, although there are still a few areas I want to tweak and Beryl theming effectively means recolouring source SVGs manually and re-splicing it all over again... - May 03 2007
Thanks for the GTK pointer - I'll look into it (probably tommorrow... it's been a long night). Both the gilouche and murrine metacity themes go well with the GTK theme, although you'll miss out on the inactive window effect. - May 02 2007
Windows XP Login

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by onny
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May 06 2007
Not sure how hard it is to understand, but the fact that it is - and I quote - "Copyright by Microsoft" means that you can't just modify it and legally post it on the internet. Releasing it under the GPL is even more ridiculous. - May 06 2007
Tango-Generator 2

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Dec 15 2007
Versions of Tango that use that naming system already have Tango icons. Versions with old Industrial icons have the icons hard coded into the binary and there's no way to change them. Since there are no icons other than the defaults for these actions, it would be pointless to theme them. - May 01 2007
I'll look into the create archive one, but the file roller icons are hard coded into the app in pre-Tango versions, so there's unfortunately no way to change them. - Apr 30 2007
Try running it from the terminal. What happens when you type 'rsvg-convert' into a terminal window? - Apr 30 2007
Read the README - you need rsvg-convert (librsvg2-bin) installed. - Apr 22 2007
Try running 'rm -rf ~/.tango-generator' in the terminal and running again. I've tested the release on feisty numerous times, and it certainly works on a clean install. - Apr 21 2007
The actual error is at

IOError: [Errno 40] Too many levels of symbolic links: u'/home/alex/.tango-generator/tmp/generated-tango//24x24/apps/file-manager.png'

Are there any symlinks in the path /home/alex/.tango-generator/tmp/generated-tango/24x24/apps/ ?

What version of python are you running? Also, try removing the entire directory .tango-generator . - Apr 20 2007
Try running it from the terminal and posting the output here. Looks like it's an uncaught exception, which will stop the backend but leave the interface running. Check you've got all the prerequisites installed, aswell. - Apr 20 2007
As a temporary fix, disable the tango foxtrot theme and rebuild. A more pernament solution should be in the next version. - Apr 15 2007
For OpenOffice, you need to set the icons to industrial for the generator to work if you haven't already done so. I think I understand the causes of the other issues, and I'll do my best to get back with a fix.

If you're running an Ubuntu install, I can fix the generator up with icons for most apps that don't have them if you post the package names.

Thanks for the detailed replies. - Apr 10 2007
I'll look into the Open Office and Gaim (now pidgin!) bugs. What version numbers of these apps are you using? - Apr 10 2007
The emblem positions are based around the preferences of the highest priority theme which contains the appropriate information. Make sure you have the GNOME icons checked, although you should be able to move it down a bit. - Apr 10 2007
That's probably another download error. You can try running it again or running 'rm -rf ~/.tango-generator' and then re-running. I'm going to have to look into download robustness, I fear. - Apr 10 2007
What was the last version it worked with? I'll give it another run through in the next couple of days, but I haven't made any significant code changes recently which should have this effect. I'm away from my development box right now, but if I can reproduce it it should be sorted soon. Thanks for pointing out all these bugs! - Apr 10 2007
It was a strange bug of x-directory-normal taking precedence as the default directory icon, which was a link only included in tango foxtrot and therefore didn't have any emblem data associated with it (only gnome and tango unabashed contain emblem data at the moment). - Apr 09 2007
Not too sure why it would cause it, but try putting GTK Stock Icons below Gnome. It's a relatively incomplete set since it only includes icons in standard GTK sizes, so you probably shouldn't have it that high up anyway. - Apr 09 2007
This is probably because of the timeout for gksu, and the generator is actually installing the correct things and automatically being granted permission by the gksu backend. - Apr 09 2007
What Gnome version are you using? As far as I can tell, your network connection is dropping out part way through the generation. You could try waiting a day or so to see if it fixes itself, and then running again as I instructed. Other than that, I can't do much to help since I'm unable to reproduce the problem on any of 2 systems or 5 virtual machines. - Apr 09 2007
I can't reproduce this on my nearly identical gentoo primary system. What happens if you try to run it from a vt? Do you get an error message then? You could check if your configuration files are up to date and post your use flags. Does alacarte run? If you have any python experience you could strip the main thread down and troubleshoot it manually. Is your'e gnome 2.18 build from an overlay? I didn't think it had entered unstable yet. - Apr 08 2007
I can't seem to reproduce either of these bugs, but they could well have occured if icons failed to download. Try running 'rm -rf ~/.tango-generator' and trying again. How do you produce the delete dialog box? - Apr 08 2007
This could happen if you don't have pygtk installed, but I doubt that's the case if you have a functioning gnome install. - Apr 08 2007
Sorry, stupid bug. Fixed. - Apr 08 2007
Can you try running it from the terminal and posting the output? cd into the right directory and run 'python' - Apr 08 2007
Is there anything odd about your locales? When I get round to releasing the next version this issue should be fixed, anyway. - Apr 05 2007
That error message means that a file in /usr/share/applications/ contains data that can't be read as a string. If you can find what the file is, that would be appreciated. My primary machine is Gentoo, on which it works fine. I'll look into more gracefully handling this error. - Apr 04 2007
It's available in one of the rpmforge repos, although I forget which one. I have it working on fedora core 6 in a virtual machine. - Apr 04 2007
Check the prerequisites & instal rsvg-convert. The package is something like rsvg-bin. Please read the readme (hence the name) before complaining the app's broken. - Apr 04 2007
No problem - it's just a matter of scaling some svgs. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. I'll include it in the next update. - Mar 27 2007
I've just generated another theme and seem to get the same result as you. I'm investigating it now and will post an update if I make any progress. I need to do more regression testing... - Mar 27 2007
What version of listen doesn't it work with? There are too many python/dbus issues to get it to work on my install, but the icons seem to map fine with the package. Can you post the images (& their location on your system) that make up the default theme? I can tangoify it from there.

I can only find a 48x48 & svg icon for brasero. Since I'm requiring atleast 16,22 & scalable sizes I'm currently working on creating the former 2. - Mar 27 2007
It's based on each icon with the non standard icon positions having a special file telling gnome about it. Tango-Generator extrapolates this icon from the theme with the highest priority that contains the data, and to get the icon placing you wish you will need Tango-Unabasehd quite high up the list. - Mar 26 2007
It seems to be a problem with google resetting the connection - hopefully it's a temporary problem. - Mar 25 2007
Looks like you have a corrupt file in /usr/share/applications. I'll look into it. - Mar 25 2007
Run apt-get install librsvg2-bin as root and then re run the generator. - Mar 25 2007
Does it work when set to Industrial? This would be recommended anyway since it prevent openoffice from using ugly high contrast icons with dark themes. I can't reproduce this error, but if you tell me your distro I may be able to help more. What does 'locate' give you? - Mar 25 2007
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes 347 comments

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Jan 03 2009
I know what you're saying, but there's no need to act like some spoilt child about it. Who's responsibility is it to provide you with a deb package? Someone has kindly donated their free time to bring us a great looking engine, and all you can do is complain he hasn't packaged it specifically for you. There are currently people using atleast 3 major releases of Ubuntu, on 2-3 architectures, not to mention the tens of other major distros. Who's responsibility is it to make these packages so you don't have to spend 5 minutes googling how to make one yourself? If you had paid for this, your demands would be reasonable, but that is quite simply not the case.

I, personally, am running a 64 bit system and so can't provide you with packages (incidently, you didn't even mention your version of Ubuntu or architecture).

/rant - Apr 30 2007
Can I request an official gilouche theme? I hacked one together myself but it doesn't exactly follow the template theme. If you don't have time, I'll happily work on one when you finalise the engine. - Apr 23 2007
DancingMouse for Firefox

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May 04 2007
Oh and a couple of bugs - if you mouse over the close button on an inactive tab, the button alignment changes from slightly off to correct. Also, the close icons aren't technically Tango - I may quickly draw up some more guidline compliant ones - and I too think you should apply some alpha transparency to inactive icons, although they do currently give the theme a unique look. - Apr 28 2007
It essentially replaces many apps and creates a custom theme based on an order of various other themes and a collection of custom icons by myself. Currently, it uses one of Novell's firefox themes and replaces most of the icons with ones from a theme the user has customised.

It already themes GFTP and Liferea, and although I don't use GThumb I believe recent versions are covered. For more information check out . - Apr 28 2007
An incredibly complete theme - nice job. Would you be interested in its inclusion in my Tango Generator? I'm hoping for a big new release some time this summer and this theme seems far more complete than the one I'm currently using as a base. If you did accept, the Generator would take care of theme variations for you (industrial folder icons, tangerine, gion and gnome icons etc.).

Keep up the good work! - Apr 28 2007
Neutronium DeepBlack

GTK2 Themes 73 comments

by sen7
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Feb 01 2008
I love dark themes like this, but the one problem to my eyes is that controls such as tabs, window borders, menu highlights and many others are actually quite hard to see since they're dark on an already dark background. To this end, I may make a mod of you're theme the next time I have a little time if you'd prefer to keep it this way (since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all). - Apr 15 2007