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Tim Memphis
Intrigue Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by timothysaddress 55 comments

keep workin - Dec 15 2005
castle hills

Wallpaper Other by xxxmonkahartistxxx 4 comments

I'll say, I love the artwork here. The style is neat, almost retro pixelicious. I was taken aback when I read the comment on top, even though it does make sense. - Sep 20 2005

Wallpapers Kubuntu by author 3 comments

I like what you've done with this. Glad to see you could make use of the waves that I helped make :) - Sep 17 2005
I like looney toons :P - Sep 03 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 96 comments

This is a really nice icon set. However, it's been said that it doesn't scale down very well. I agree, and I think for this to become a major player, as it certainly has the potential, it needs to be reworked at lower sizes. thanks again for this wonderful artwork! - Aug 21 2005
Polar Cursor Theme

Cursors by ECHM 38 comments

yeah those hansd git with this theme just nicely. I like these cursors a lot. Thanks!! - Aug 20 2005
It Stands Out, See?

Wallpaper Other by FireHawk 5 comments

I like this wallpaper! I think you could also easily improve upon it. The background needs a little something more. Perhaps a gradient background, or a wall back there or something. Just my thoughts...I like it, though :) - Aug 18 2005
kbfx (Fedora)

Various Stuff by jucamaba2004 9 comments

I don't understand the problem. This is a kbfx the millions of others, right? Why kde-apps? - Jul 28 2005
Revaline's : The Leaf v2.0

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by regendra 3 comments

you have raelly good ideas! innovative! Thank you so much for your work! - Jul 27 2005
KDE Raindrops

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ljogerst 1 comment

Beautiful, I really like Revaline's stuff. This is a nice simple addition. I think it might look a little better with a translucent icon bar, maybe, if that's possible. Just an idea. - Jul 24 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Phytonix 14 comments

These are looking nicer and nicer! My only suggestion is a reiteration of what I said before. The cartoonish appearance of the mimetypes don't seem to jive with the clean cut crystal appearance of the other icons. I would say take another look at the mimetypes, consider redesigning them. The new boxes look very crystalish, indeed. Very impressive work. Keep it up! - Jul 15 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Phytonix 14 comments

There are a lot of nice icons in here. However, a lot of them look to be knockoffs of everaldo's crystal icons (the blue ones), and the rest don't seem to have a consistent look or feel. However, it's obvious that you have great ability, and I'm looking forward to your future releases. - Jul 13 2005
SuSE : Revaline's Leaf

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by regendra 3 comments

I really like all your stuff. This is just beautiful! You should consider lookoing at the moodin splash engine, as it has penty of eye candy options. Thanks again! - Jul 10 2005
SuSE REvaline's Crystal Clear Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by regendra 3 comments

this is really excellent work. Nice contribution! - Jul 09 2005
OnlyK 3D SVG

Wallpaper Other by zvonSully 8 comments

I've seen this SVG adaptation improve quite a bit since you've started working on it. I think this version is very nice, and I know it'll turn out great if you keep working on it. Great job! - Jul 03 2005
Neurons on blue

Wallpaper Other by lgs 4 comments

this isn't the right place to spam. unless of course it's KDE related :P
but honestly, find a better outlet. - Jul 01 2005
8 Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by onehalfkiller 2 comments

I know it's probably hidden behind the curvature of the globe, but that trampoline sure LOOKS like it's missing a leg. It's beautiful work, but this small detail caught my eye and I'd love to see a third leg down there :P Really great work, thank you! - Jun 30 2005
Not a moth!

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 6 comments

this looks great, but the lighting is too synthetic in appearance, if you ask me. try for more natural lighting. - Jun 28 2005
Lanthys Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by eriol 39 comments

Really excellent start! I'll be watching the development of this icon set with great interest! Keep going!! :D - Jun 26 2005

Various Stuff by gecko 9 comments

nice! reminiscent of SuSE bootsplash, etc. I like it a lot :) - Jun 25 2005
FairytaleWorld Icons Themes

Icon Sub-Sets by chunxiayu 43 comments

These are really excellent icons. A complete set would add, imo, one of the best icon sets out there. Users would have a nice selection between these, crystal, and nuvola. Please keep up the good work! :) - Jun 20 2005
funky monkey - amaroK

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 4 comments

awesome as always, really appreciate all your work mengele :) - Jun 19 2005
Gear2 KDM Theme (No Shadow)

KDM3 Themes by EdwardNigma 3 comments

yeah, imo this looks much better. Thanks a lot! :) - Jun 17 2005
Gear KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes by EdwardNigma 17 comments

yeah this is really neat looking. However, I think the boxes would be better suited if they were flat and perhaps rounded. The generic "pushbutton" look is just overused if you ask me. Nice piece of work, hope you can use my suggestions. - Jun 16 2005
K - T1M3

Wallpaper Other by MART-IN 6 comments

imho, this would look better without the little icon "bar-backwards play arrow" thingy. It's really beautiful, but I'd love to see a version with those removed :) Good job and thanks a lot! - Jun 06 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by nuka 21 comments

This theme is really cool. unconventional, I really like it :) - May 29 2005
Amarok - New Blue Wolf

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 13 comments

I like this a lot. The amarok wolf can't get much better! :D gj - May 27 2005
Simplify. KDE.

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by arti040 6 comments

This is a raelly cool concept. Something about it, however, creates the illusion that the crystal globe isn't centered. Perhaps it's the drop shadow. Just a little more work on this and it'll be a part of my wallpaper rotation list. Nice work ;) - May 14 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by mart 48 comments

I'm in love with your work. this is right up there with Nuvola and Crystal if you ask me. Excellent work! :) A bit of commentary:
I'm a little confused by the heart. I'm not sure if it's facing me, tilted a little, or what. I think it's a bit complex. Other than that, great work!! - May 11 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by neptune3k 6 comments

Very impressive stuff. This is downrigt beautiful! ;) - May 04 2005
Redhat9 Cursor Slackware

Cursors by maarizwan 9 comments

Love these cursors. You should try to make just one of them the preview, to get more people to look at it. - May 01 2005
SUSE2 Windeco

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by geflei 83 comments

silly goose, this is the windec, not the style. - May 01 2005
Deb Girl

Wallpaper Other by ThEOnE 12 comments

this is one seriously impressive piece of art. I love the vectorized girl. Nice all around, very functional too. Keep it up! - Apr 21 2005
Tabby WinDec

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by spasemunkie 2 comments

Looks good. I'm nto sure about the buttons though. A pet peeve of mine when it comes to windecs is the difficulty in hitting the buttons. In my opinion there should be no empty space around buttons, so that one can simply move to the top left of the screen and click to close a maximized window. If you catch my drift. - Mar 25 2005
Everaldo's new emoticons GAIM theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by memphidoo 2 comments

I'm not sure if everaldo is making more or not. This set covers the basics, though. ;) - Mar 07 2005
KDE Improvement 3.4 (Your opinion plz)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nookie 36 comments

I agree, the tooltip could use a facelift. However, I think it's generally a good idea to stick with an easily recognizable object, like the universal yellow box. - Mar 05 2005
Too Much Green Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by amiroff 3 comments

as in...this is great the way it is. gj again ;) ty - Mar 01 2005
Too Much Green Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by amiroff 3 comments

you might as well just ignore me :P - Mar 01 2005
Too Much Green Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by amiroff 3 comments

This is what I'm talking about! ;) Good job. Just a thought: you might want to play with shifting the visiblity of the slanting lines. I have no idea if it would look better or not, but it might be worth playing with. Thanks again for the nice work. - Feb 28 2005
Too Much Green

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by amiroff 9 comments

this is a really nice and original splash. I would love to see some more work of this type, perhaps a wallpaper, so this splash fits in better. I like it a lot, gj! ;) - Feb 27 2005
Emotion Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by everaldo 9 comments

Well, not that I expected anything less from everaldo, but these are spectacular! Beautiful work ;) - Feb 20 2005
SVG Deco - concept

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by spasemunkie 23 comments

nonsense. I hope you realize you failed miserably in making any argument in any direction. I could easily go find 5 ugly windecs for any desktop environment, and it wouldn't prove a thing. The bottom line is, there are some very nice metacity themes, and I'd have to agree with netfranz, there are more original and colorful windecs posted more often for Gnome than for KDE. The OpenGL windecs recently popping up are extremely enticing, however. - Jan 25 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by roachofdiscord 35 comments

I also believe the menu could use a facelift. But let's not forget the most important part, functionality. Judging by your...mockups, this is not the way to go. - Jan 22 2005
Slackware - Megaman LILO Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Rockman 2 comments

I love this, being a major Megaman fan! I appreciate it! - Dec 21 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by meNGele 28 comments

These are excellent quality avatars. You really should send them to kde dev. - Dec 20 2004
GDM-Slackware NLD

KDM3 Themes by rufuseddy 6 comments

KDM will be themeable by the release of 3.4. I think it will actually be able to use gdm themes, but I'm not sure on that. - Dec 06 2004
Kopete Visual

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by gr3gg 60 comments

This is a major improvement over Kopete's existing UI. Your work is much appreciated :) please keep it up. - Nov 10 2004
Amon Slackware Edition

Karamba & Superkaramba by turdfergusson 5 comments

Besides the fact that I agree with you (xmms is not the best choice anymore) it does have its loyal userbase. You should make the xmms section an option perhaps? For those that do want it? - Nov 08 2004
Nuvola Torrent Filemine

Icon Sub-Sets by azote 2 comments

A nice fit. This should definitely become part of the Nuvola package, make sure Dave knows about it ;) - Nov 07 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by fubarbundy 38 comments

I don't see how this theme differs that much from Plastik. Of course I haven't seen it in action. It's not necessarily a bad thing, however, as Plastik is imo the best windec out there. I'm interested to see where you take this windec :) - Nov 03 2004