crystalballs with silver shields

Wallpaper Other by masterpikx 10 comments

It is excellent artwork, however I don't see it becoming the default for KDE as it (as far as I can see) has no KDE branding. Not that that would be overly difficult to accomplish. Regardless, it's wonderful work! gj! :) - Nov 03 2004
Penguins. All Toghere Now - Modified

Wallpaper Other by mantrax 5 comments

This is actually an improvement on the already amazing wallpaper, in my opinion. Nice work. I would recommend spelling "together" correctly, however. - Nov 02 2004

Wallpaper Other by flow 6 comments

Very nice work indeed! Original work, I like it a lot. I'm curious as to what program you used, though. I know 3DSMax has a built-in melt modifier, is that what you used? - Nov 02 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 45 comments

I'll just be quiet now then, huh? :P It must be the screenshot, next time I'll make comments after actually trying it out. - Oct 29 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 45 comments

I can't get over how ugly your added K button is. Since that's the only added one I've seen, it's likely the rest of them are untrue to the original work, too. The port is much appreciated, however, and I'm sure you'll fine tune them :) GL! - Oct 28 2004
fall path

Wallpaper Other by vgough 10 comments

Excellent, very nice work :) - Oct 26 2004
fall path

Wallpaper Other by vgough 10 comments

thanks that'd be great! :) Although your 16x12 link still gives me the 19x12 picture? - Oct 26 2004
fall path

Wallpaper Other by vgough 10 comments

Very nice photography. I love it! But could you possibly make some 3:4 standard resolution versions? It's not so much the fact that I'm too lazy to make my own, but I'm sure more people would be willing to get it if it were in their own res. - Oct 25 2004

Wallpaper Other by speleoalex 1 comment

This looks like it has a great potential for adding some kind of etched design into the rock. Maybe someone would like to work on that? - Oct 25 2004
crystal xcursors

Cursors by mart 125 comments

I thought there was some script that could automatically colorize these cursors? I wouldn't know, I LOVE the blue ones ;) - Oct 17 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by irvingrafael 3 comments

cheap, no effort. Nice try - Oct 02 2004

Wallpaper Other by mave 5 comments

This has to be the nicest Cloud wallpaper I've ever seen. Congrats. I would LOVE to have some source though, to tinker with it. Perhaps just a release of that cloud bg and the name of the font you used :) Good work, thanks! - Oct 01 2004
theobroma's Kpdf

Various Artwork by theobroma 10 comments

The background docs add a nice touch, but I think you can improve them. For one, they should be rectangles, not parallelograms. I would also change the red bar along the top of the docs, they aren't consistent with the rest of the design. Other than this, these are some wonderful icons! My fav so far ;) Good work. - Sep 30 2004

Various Artwork by Quickly 9 comments

I really like the new added contrast. I'm not sure it looks quite right, though. Near the right side of the adobe symbol, something's a little funky. Maybe some light highlights are left where they shouldn't be...dono - Sep 19 2004
Plastik for Firefox

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 167 comments

Oh I didn't know it would work anywhere other than COOL! :) - Sep 19 2004
Plastik for Firefox

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 167 comments

As you said, the best release until now! I love it! Now all you need to do is get it on so more ppl will use it and you can take advantage of the automatic update ability. :D - Sep 18 2004
suse rpm xorg 6.8 xcompmgr

Various Stuff by vicko 14 comments

Well...I like that background. As far as what this actually is, no idea. Thanks for following the "English only" rule. - Sep 10 2004
Kurumin on HD

Wallpaper Other by jaymejunior 2 comments

Truly beautiful artwork! :) gj! - Sep 09 2004
Sauris from Italy

Wallpaper Other by stefanomasotti 3 comments

Would be avery beautiful background, if it weren't such a low quality. - Sep 08 2004
Coffee+Linux=Perfect Combo

Wallpaper Other by loevet 3 comments

I love the Coffee cup artwork. Is it your own? If not, please give credit to the author. - Sep 05 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by popdez 4 comments

Nah, it's current position leaves the middle and it's amazing specular highlight effects in open view. This is stunning art, gj! - Sep 01 2004

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by zeta 4 comments

Well, I don't like your wallpapers or the way you posted a million of them. Thanks for the spam, but no thanks. - Sep 01 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

Lookin' good! The only thing I can say (and I'm sure you've already noticed) is that the shadows have a bit too high a radius, making the shadows go off the end of the pic, creating a sharp edge. I'm sure it's barely noticable at smaller resolutions. Just a thought. :) good job so far! - Sep 01 2004

Wallpaper Other by xkxdxmx 5 comments

This is pretty crazy go nuts. I like it, although it's a bit fancy for a desktop. - Aug 29 2004
Maxobelix-SuSE9.1 desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by maxobelix 4 comments

Nevermind. The beautiful Zenith iconset. :D - Aug 28 2004
Maxobelix-SuSE9.1 desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by maxobelix 4 comments

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't this be under Screenshots? Either way it's pretty. I'm not familiar with the icon set, though, enlighten me. :) ty - Aug 28 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Luck 9 comments

I like I LIKE! :) Impressive work, as always Luck ;) - Aug 26 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by fubarbundy 38 comments

I'd have to say it takes a very nice WinDec and makes more towards my liking :) GJ - Aug 22 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by Idoa01 13 comments

I wouldn't recommend adding the specular highlight to the playlist. Imo the playlist should be flat. Otherwise it loooks great! and yes, I use xmms to listen to internet radio. But ra are real audio, which might not be supported in xmms. - Aug 16 2004

Wallpaper Other by clearbeast 6 comments

You can never have too many of these, huh? Nice job. - Aug 15 2004
see, hear, speak red hat

Wallpaper Other by Dridhas 2 comments

The Black background doesn't work weel, can't see the penguins. And the big mark on the top doesn't make it any better :P - Aug 12 2004
MandrakStar - Distro Challenge WINNER

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 24 comments

Most definitely, should be new default for Mdk. Awesome :D - Aug 11 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by Liron 44 comments

omg pretty pretty! Nice work man! I think we'd all realy appreciate it if u completed this set! Keep it up ;) - Jul 31 2004
Megaman Tribute

Icon Sub-Sets by Rockman 4 comments

Coming from a major Mega Man X fan, I sincerely appreciate these. Top-knotch! :) thanks a million (like Zero's a lot!) - Jul 27 2004
Give me a hug

Wallpaper Other by bermudahonk 9 comments

Did you make that bender model yourself? If so, you're extremely talented :) - Jul 26 2004
Metallic KDE 3.3 + 3.2 Splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by themesKnugen 5 comments

Wow, I'd have to admit, I like this more than everaldo's! Beautiful!! - Jul 26 2004
Linux rocks

Wallpaper Other by bermudahonk 4 comments

You rock at this! Keep it up! - Jul 24 2004
Magical Planet

Wallpaper Other by flamingpoptart 1 comment

A valiant effort. Lacks artistic appeal if you ask me. Keep trying though, 'tis the only way you can learn. - Jul 09 2004
Glassfoot ( updated )

Wallpaper Other by Waldgeist 4 comments

When this pic is scaled down, it's becomes a little ugly. A 1024 version would be greatly appreciated! :) - Jul 07 2004

Wallpapers Gnome by e0n 2 comments

Beautiful stuff. Excellent contribution! :) - Jul 05 2004

Wallpaper Other by frikiorg 1 comment

interesting, clean, simple. I like it :) - Jul 02 2004
Suse Paper (new logo)

Wallpaper Other by cyberlinux 2 comments

This wallpaper is very nice, but might be even nicer if you had used the new SuSE logo by Everaldo :P - Jun 30 2004
Glassfoot ( updated )

Wallpaper Other by Waldgeist 4 comments

Very nice wallpaper. I loved the first one, but somehow I love this one even more (possible?). haha, nice job. - Jun 27 2004
longhorn spirited away

Wallpaper Other by Stefanmdk 7 comments

I've seen this grassy hill background used with other artwork, and I think it's fantastic. Could I get my hands on a pic of just the bg without any additions? I do love your bg, I've just enver seen "spirited away". maybe I will now ;) - Jun 09 2004