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Opensuse 10.3 (modern look)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by darknoize 3 comments

In my opinion it looks great!
Good work man! - Jan 02 2008
Kicker backrounds

KDE 3.5 Themes by meproxsoft 2 comments

thanks a lot! :-) - Jul 02 2007
Kickoff for Mandriva

Various Stuff by meproxsoft 3 comments


just check this url:
But it would be better you use smart-urpmi. You will find the mirrors at In the KDE3.5.7 packages kickoff is included an the language-packages also.

Have fun. :-) - Jun 16 2007
Mandriva 2007 Spring

KDE Plasma Screenshots by justiceiro 5 comments

Mandriva is still great. Hope mandriva will be soon again one of the most famous linuxsystems again! It is a good os for beginners and for experts!! Mandriva rocks !!! - May 25 2007
My openSUSE 10.2 desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by DamianCZ 3 comments

Nice theme for suse. :-)

please tell me whitch kind of iconset you have in use?

greez - Mar 20 2007
Kanotix 2007

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 1 comment

Pretty nice screenshot.
I like it :-) - Mar 20 2007
My Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by meproxsoft 2 comments


it is named "chilehardware". Search here for it. You´ll find it ;) - Mar 12 2007