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Hector Ayala Inoriza DF, Mexico
Green Mint

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Jan 19 2009
It's a really well made job!! It's so elegant because of the colours, it feels so modern and at the same time so ancient because of the material and texture you've used. Well done, thanks ;) - Aug 07 2009
Linux Mint Goes Dark

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Feb 25 2009
Excellent art!! I've always liked this kind of plants and roots and that kink of vectorial stuff. Great job and thanks a lot! ;) - Jul 30 2009
A Linux Mint Feeling

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May 08 2009
Even if you didn't create it by yourself, it's a really nice pic and fits perfectly for a Minty enviroment ;) - Jul 29 2009
Mossy Forest Mint Wallpaper

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May 20 2009
That tree at the right made me remember the Ocarina of Time (Zelda) hahaha

Good work with this wall, thanks ;) - Jul 29 2009
Linux Mint Roots

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Jul 02 2009
It's a really great job!! Congratulations! I just love this kind of stylish walls ;)
I would recommend you to create a lower resolution version, a 1024x768 as it's the most common resolution out there ;)
However I've rescaled this great wall myself XD But that's just a little suggestion.
Thanks for this great artwork ;) - Jul 29 2009