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Aug 06 2010
You can find built packages here (see 'Featured downloads' on the right side):

If you're using other distro then you'll probably need to build it yourself (see the link to source code at the previous message). - Apr 16 2010
>and one more question, is Qscintilla patch for low performance while line wrapping is enabled, available only for Windows? is that true?

The patch itself is platform-independent. The performance issue was resolved in QScintilla 2.4.3. I've updated the .dll in Windows package but I can't update QScintilla in your system :)

I've built QScintilla 2.4.3 for Ubuntu 9.10 (I'll provide the link to .deb file when I come home).

If you're using other distro you can compile it yourself. The source code is here: - Apr 15 2010
For now it is changed automatically depending on system locale. I'll add an option for manual selecting in the next version. - Apr 06 2010
There is a Windows version at as well. - Jan 06 2010
There is a terminal plugin. You can find it in 'Tools' menu (if plugins are installed). - Oct 18 2009
Hey guys,

Here are some news about that bug with lost focus when using auto-complete. There is a patch for QScintilla and some instructions for Debian-based distros here:

I've also sent this patch to QScintilla's developers and hope they'll include it into the next release. - Oct 16 2009
Actually, that's the case and I observed the same thing: it works with KWin (KDE) and doesn't with Metacity/Compiz (GNOME). I had them installed at the same time and it was like that: login to KDE session - autocomplete is good; login to GNOME session - lost focus. - Jul 19 2009
Yes, that's a known problem. Looks like a bug in Qt or QScintilla (since there's the same issue with other QScintilla-based editors, like Eric).

I seriously suspect they changed something in Qt 4.5 since I tried earlier versions of QScintilla (they worked perfectly earlier) and had the same issue.

And more interesting thing is that it depends on WM (see comments above). - Jul 16 2009

Thanks for your interest. Since this question is quite popular I've added the corresponding item to "Knowledge Base": - Jul 16 2009
BTW, now I'm experimenting with WMs and I've found out that autocompletion's behavior depends on it. On the same system I have no problem with KWin but I have adding an extra line with another WM.
What is yours? - Mar 24 2009

I tried it with old QScintilla (version 2.2) and have the same bug. It also appears with version 2.3. Qt version is 4.4.3.
The funny thing is that I can't reproduce it on Debian Lenny that has Qt 4.4.3 and QScintilla 2.2....

What is your distro(s)? - Mar 16 2009
Probably a bug in QScintilla. I have another one under Fedora 10: autocomplete list pops up but there is no reaction on key presses afterwards. The only way to choose a variant is to double-click on it. - Mar 16 2009
I'll think over adding custom actions to context menu (from plugins). I guess that will provide you with a missing part you need to create a desired plugin. - Oct 14 2008
Now all highlighting is being done by QScintilla component and you can only modify colors and font styles (bold/italic) for the existing schemes (see ~/.config/juff/hlschemes/).

For creating you own scheme you should modify (or create you own) so-called "lexer" for QScintilla. What language are interested in, btw? - Jul 31 2008
For the present --- no.
But QScintilla (code editing component that was used) does support it, so I think it's possible in future. - Jul 09 2008
I think I should install FreeBSD in virtual machine and try it by myself, because it's quite hard to debug it using forum :) - May 08 2008
First of all try to change prefix from /usr to /usr/local (as far as I know, in FreeBSD it is the default prefix. But may be I'm mistaken, I've never used FreeBSD). - May 07 2008
On Linux these are libraries, and - May 07 2008
It will be fixed in nearest future. The problem is that not all shells can handle things like ${arg:0:8}. I'll substitute it with something more universal. - May 07 2008
Yes, you can. Put the cursor to the beginning of the block you want to select, hold Alt+Shift and use arrow keys or mouse to select the block.

For now it is possible only to delete, copy and paste this kind of blocks. - Apr 29 2008
That would be great. I've sent you a private message, check you "Inbox" here. - Apr 18 2008
That would be great. I've sent you a private message, check you "Inbox" here. - Apr 17 2008
That would be great. I've sent you a private message, check you "Inbox" here. - Apr 17 2008
Yes, there was a regression in syntax highlighting in 0.2-beta3 (fixed in SVN). Release is coming soon :)

Also new branch is coming, there will be large amount of language highlights (including Perl, Bash, Ruby, Lua, ...) - Apr 06 2008
For people who is voting "bad": please, write some comments here or on forum/tracker ( I know that JuffEd is quite far from ideal, but your response could help me make it better. You are always welcome with feature requests. - Apr 04 2008
Thank you for your response.

>I've read about your plan to leave QTextEdit and creating your own class. Maybe QScintilla could be offer you the missing features.

Actually, I've already found QScintilla (thanks to Krigstask) and already started using it in 0.3-dev branch. I'll share 0.3-dev branch as soon as I release 0.2 :)

>The dialogs are expandable - I think it's not really wanted.

As for me, I really hate when I want to expand any dialog and I can't do it ;)
And one more important thing: in different localizations all controls may have different sizes.
I think I should leave it as it.

>If I compile juffed on my system with my precompiled Qt 4.3 juffed losts all icons.

Loading icons is implemented in this way:
When juffed starts at the first time, it tries to copy directory "./icons" from the folder which contains it's binary to ~/.config/juff/icons for further usage. Please check if everything is available for this operation. - Mar 29 2008
Direct copying binary file to $(BIN) will cause some problens: in this case when application starts, its "application dir" will be $(BIN) and it will not find icons, hlschemes and config file for the first start (when there is no these stuff in user's home dir).

I think the second variant is better, I'll take it into account.

P.S.: пользуюсь. Постучался. <my_nick>(at) - Mar 11 2008
Gentoo ebuild is already available here: - Mar 11 2008
I made several changes in Makefile that can help to avoid problems when installing in temp directory. There are several variables in Makefile:

DESTDIR - the main app's directory that will contain all app's files;

BIN - directory than will contain symlink to app's binary (for obvious reason it should be one of the dirs from $PATH);

PIXMAPS - directory where usually all applications' pixmaps are stored;

APPLICATIONS - directory where usually all applications' .desktop files are stored.

All default values for this variables are set regarding to its' values in Debian. - Mar 11 2008
Hm... Sorry, this is my first public project and I still don't know many nuances about different ways of installing the apps ;)

I'll try to fix this problem soon (definitely it will be done in next release).

Thank you for your cooperation. - Mar 10 2008
Thank you for your feedback. Some of features are quite easy to implement and I'm going to start working on version 0.2 soon.

But some of them (like whole string highlighting for marking it) need to make serious changes in QTextEdit class (or to create my own class with the same set of features). I've seen how it was done in kdelibs for Kwrite and Kate - they made their own class almost from scratch: they implemented painting, key events, scrolling and so on by themselves.

Actually I consider creating custom class in near future and stopping using standart QTextEdit, but this is not the first-priority task.
At present markers can be implemented this way: there will be highlighted the line number and marker also will be displayed on scrollbar. What do you think about it? - Nov 21 2007
Well, I think I'll make them soon.
Since I don't know php well, it can be easier for me if someone send me the list of php keywords and other expressions to be highlighted ;) - Nov 09 2007
Sorry for such long period of silence but I was very, very busy. Moving to another country takes some time, you know ;)

I want you to try this new version. The code was redesigned a bit and some regressions are possible (for example, multithreading is temporary removed).

Makefile was updated, therefore "make install" and "checkinstall" supposed to work correctly :)

>What do you think about the version number?0.1.2-20070709 is 0.1.2 snapshot version?

Yes, some kind of snapshots.
This version number means that program is going to become 0.1.2 but work is still in progress. - Aug 11 2007
This time I'm engaged in improving of the file opening process. It will be much faster soon.

Concerning to slow work: I suppose that the reason is in QTextDocument realization.
Anyway, work with text files up to 1 MB is quite comfortable on my computer (Qt 4.2.1, Debian GNU/Linux). - Jun 27 2007
It works again! - Jun 13 2007
Sorry... :(
There are some technical problems on hosting. I hope they will be solved soon. - Jun 13 2007
Hm... I've built it under Windows with Qt 4.2.3 using MinGW compiler. Everything works.

I'll polish it a little and share the ready-to-use archive. - Jun 12 2007
No, there were only standard Qt functions used. Anyway, I'll test it and fix soon.

Thank you. - Jun 10 2007

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Jul 20 2009
Some people use lightweight WMs and believe me, they don't wanna have all those heavy KDE libs just for one small Klipper :) - Jul 17 2009