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System Software by LandertRene 68 comments

...on a Fedora 17 x86_64 box with kde 4.9.3 (kchildlock version 0.90)

sorry for posting it also in the knowledge base, this is where it should be maybe?)

It is installed, the interface comes up and lets you define limits, apply and save them, export profiles etc... just as explained in the documentation, no warning at all. Both when launched from the system settings panel and from the command line as /usr/bin/kcmshell4 kcm_kchildlock --lang en_US

then when the users whose sessions should be time-limited log in, nothing at all happens. No system tray icon and above all no block /logoff or whatever else should happen after the specified time limits.

files **are** created in /var/lock/, with names like kchildlockd_20121214_094614_debuglog.tmp, but they have no effect at all. No warning is generated in any moment, and I can't find any log file anywhere related to kchildlock. Is this app working for others??? How to debug it?

- Dec 14 2012