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Michael Yugcha Quito, Ecuador
Gnome Shell Themes
Copernico Theme

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Feb 25 2018
Thanks for the comment. I can't update it, but I will do it in due course. - Jul 23 2019
Thanks you, Wallpaper take from - May 20 2015
1. Install gnome-tweak-tool.
2. Install the User Themes Extension for gnome
3. Put copernico theme on ~/.themes/ folder.
4. Open gnome-tweak-tool and change the current shell theme for copernico theme

You need gnome 3.16 for better integration - May 17 2015
The default fonts in Gnome, Cantarell. - May 14 2015
Yes, this theme is for Gnome 3.16, but the problem has been solved. Download the last version. - May 13 2015
Are you using Gnome 3.16?
I am going to treat solve that problem. - May 11 2015
Hi, extract copernico-theme and the icons on the folders .themes and .icons on your home directory and use gnome-tweak-tool

copernico-theme on ~/.themes
flat-remix on ~/.icons

Extraer copernico-theme y los iconos en las capertas .theme y .icos en tu directorio home
- May 11 2015
Muchas gracias, me alegra que te haya servido :) - May 09 2015

Gnome Shell Themes
by Padster

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