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Mohammed Mohammed Yousif , Egypt

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Looking at your profile, it seems that you registered here only to advocate christianity and while I have no problem with that, I should remind you that this is offtopic. offered the community this wonderfull place to post software and comments related to software and other artwork.
The ability to post comments here about QtQuran is supposed to be used for giving feedback to QtQuran authors/users.By posting these two irrelevant posts here you distract people from the main subject and make it harder for QtQuran authors to follow up which means that it will be harder for them to get feedback which in turn hinders the development of QtQuran and this is to no one's advantage because even if you are not a Muslim, you might find QtQuran useful for educating yourself about the Qur'an. Even those who hate Islam can still benefit from this software.

I highly respect your reactions to offending contents on and I respect your strong faith (even if I believe you have been misleaded) because nowadays it is hard to see someone who has such strong faith and it's refreshing to see such faith still alive outside the Islamic world but I think you will agree that QtQuran offends no one and hence it is not appropriate to talk about Jesus "Peace be upon him" here.

And btw, some of the links you gave are offending because they include false information and in some cases insults.
And while we are at it, you might want to have a look at some "true" Islamic websites before concluding about Islam and you might debate about Jesus "PBUH" there as well if you want because that would be the proper place where you will find the proper audience not here.
Take this as a sample:

I'm interested in this btw, but please let's keep focused here on

Thanks, - Feb 17 2006

Various KDE Stuff by mhdyousif 15 comments

Sorry, my fault.
I added more information to the Changelog above. - Dec 31 2005