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Mark Herbert Stuttgart, Germany
Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 196 comments

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Aug 03 2008
Thanks for you comment.
Mark - Sep 19 2008
Hmm, if I understand you right it should be possible in the next version...

Mark - Sep 19 2008
I use a kde function to get the thumbnails. So if you are able to see jpeg previews in dolphin/konqueror u should be able to see them in quickaccess

Mark - Sep 19 2008
Hi Marco,
it seems you have to install libkonq5-dev and libkonq5. If you have any further problems to build quickaccess, Fred Hermanns aka Fintan made summary of the packages needed to compile it on Kubuntu, have look at page 6 in the comments section.

Mark - Sep 11 2008
That sounds like a very good idea to me, but I don't know when I can implement that, because I am busy atm.
But as soon as I got some spare time I will have a look into it...

Mark - Sep 11 2008
Thanks, I have updated the download section.

Mark - Aug 26 2008
Hey Ramon Antonio,
I have read that blog too and the first thing I have done was firing up kate and implement that feature (2) ;)
But I am not sure if I should associate it with images, it would be a bit confusing, because quickaccess has nothing to do with images...

Mark - Aug 24 2008
Hi Chris,
thanks for your comment and your suggestion, I have implemented it and it will be available in the next version.

Mark - Aug 24 2008
It uses the kde-settings to determine what app is used to open folders. To change that behavior, you have to change your settings to dolphin.
And no it is not possible to set it depending on the folder... - Aug 21 2008
Thanks for your comment.
It should be easy to implement your wish, but I don't use any icons on the desktop, that's why I am not that motivated to implement it myself ;)
But if anybody else wants to implement it, (s)he could drop me a message to discuss it.

Mark - Aug 18 2008
the only way is to drag and drop them into the wastebin, if you use that applet... I planned to make the applet readonly, but well that changed... perhaps I should add a delete option... - Aug 06 2008
Wahoo it works ;)
Thanks for the summary, now I can point other Kubuntu users to you comment.

Mark - Aug 06 2008
Seems the package you also need is "g++", try it again after you installed it. - Aug 06 2008
Try to run:

# mkdir build
# cd build
# cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..

if you don't get any errors run:


and again if you don't get errors run:

sudo make install

And if you get any errors post them here.

It's not bad to go here through the installation because some other people might also get similar problems... - Aug 06 2008
There seem to be some problems..
1.) you don't have gcc installed, I don't know the name of the package for Ubuntu, you have to look yourself...

2.)the kde-cmake-modules are missing, an other Kubuntu user reported that the packagename is "kdebase-dev-kde4"

Try to install them. If you still have problems, post the errors perhaps someone can help you... - Aug 06 2008
That's a known bug and will be fixed in the next version...
Simply resize the plasmoid and it should work...
Sorry for the trouble ;) - Aug 04 2008
Sorry but it seems that the middle button is the only solution that remains, because the right button is reserved for the plasma contextmenu... But the middle button would also work in the itemview, what would be a good solution and make it consistent...
btw, thanks for the link, it's inspiring... let's see if we can use some concepts from this mockup... - Aug 04 2008
Sorry, it is not possible to implement that doubleclick feature because it would interfere with the singleclick.
But well what about clicking the middle button? - Aug 04 2008
Well it should work, in fact everything except the "applications:/" kio_slave should work and i have just tested it with ""... could you send me a backtrace to wirrkpf[at] And are you using the latest version, earlier versions had that problem..... - Aug 03 2008
Wow that's a very good idea ;) I will implement it for the next version... - Aug 03 2008
Sorry for the trouble, it should be fixed now, thanks for the report and your comment.. - Aug 03 2008
Well it can be that Kubuntu and Debian have different directories where they install KDE4, that means that on Kubuntu Plasma can't find quickaccess, because this package was made for Debian... - Aug 02 2008
I am trying to implement that, it looks good atm but I don't know if the already very full config dialog gets too full...
Perhaps I should reorganize the whole dialog.. - Aug 02 2008
You have to restart kde or run "kbuildsycoca4"...
That should help... - Aug 02 2008
hmm then it seems as if cmake has problems to find the kde-include-dir... You have to set them manually. Check where the headerfiles get installed run "ccmake ." in your build directory and set the "KDE4_INCLUDE_DIR" variable... that should help... - Jul 25 2008
It seems you are missing some *-devel packages, at least kdelibs-devel... - Jul 25 2008
Jonathan Thomas has worked on packages for Kubuntu, but they were for the upcoming Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex". But he had some problems building them for the current version. - Jul 25 2008
Thanks, I updated the downloadsection.
I have changed the default path to ~, and now quickaccess won't crash plasma if you enter a wrong url. I will release it in the next days when I have got some things in a proper shape. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for the report ;-) - Jul 23 2008
ahhh ok, sure a Desktop-folder is not anymore useful with the folderview-applet..
thanks for the report I will change that in the next version. - Jul 23 2008
hmm, that should not happen... Can you tell me if you use quickaccess for a local folder or for another kio_slave? Or could you send me your plasma_appletrc? I have only seen this kind of error if you use the "applications:/" kio_slave, that's why I disabled it... - Jul 23 2008
I have just seen that Anywhere got his problems solved by installing "kdebase-dev-kde4" and I couldn't find this package in your log, perhaps it is necessary to add this package as a build dependency, but I have no experiences with the packaging process... - Jul 19 2008
hmm I think there should be some sort of conventions how the packages should be named. It would be easier to say which packages are needed to build something. But thanks for the hint :) - Jul 19 2008
Yes, I also think that MJD is right. This line seems to cause the error:

CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.6/Modules/FindKDE4.cmake:72 (MESSAGE):
ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in

I don't know where Kubuntu installs the KDE4 cmake modules but on opensuse they are in "apps/cmake/modules/" you should have a look where they are and adjust that.
- Jul 19 2008
It seems that quickaccess won't work on KDE 4.0.x because it's based on Qt 4.3.x and " QGraphicsLinearLayout" was introduced in Qt 4.4. Sorry but you have to upgrade to KDE 4.1 when it's done, or get the RC1 which is in my eyes better than any KDE 4.0.x release... - Jul 19 2008
I am happy that it works for you, thanks for your comment. - Jul 18 2008
First: Thanks for your comment.
Well it should be possible to implement that, I will have a look, perhaps I have it ready for the next version. - Jul 18 2008
I see, then this is no option for Anywhere. What kind of problems do you have backporting those plasmoids? Anyway thanks for you efforts, it would make things easier for some people to have a package... - Jul 18 2008
You can try to follow painkiller101's hints, but if that doesn't work, I have found that:
It seems a package is in the works for Kubuntu.
Hope that helps you. - Jul 18 2008
yepp, that "go back" is a pain in my eyes too, I have reverted it and it will be removed completely in the next version...
Thanks for your comment. - Jul 18 2008
Sorry, adding this as "Plasmoid: Native Plasma Widget" won't work, either you get packages for your distribution or I help you compiling and installing it... - Jul 17 2008
Sorry, but that will not work... you will get some crashes and it seems to me as if they happen deep in the libs. I have no clue what causes them...With 0.6 I have added a check. If you enter "applications:/" as url it will tell you that, that is not possible, to avoid plasma crashes...
But I have started some weeks ago to write a plasmoid with that feature, I will release it as soon I have some time to finish it... - Jul 16 2008
Thanks for your comment, that's motivating ;) - Jul 16 2008
I uploaded a new version, but with the old method to render the items, because it is used systemwide and has more possibilities...but at least it uses less space ;) - Jul 16 2008
thanks I updated the link - Jul 15 2008
Thanks for your comment,
I tried to make the items a bit smaller, you can try version 0.5.2, and tell me you opinion, because I am not sure atm if I should keep the new way to render the items or return to the default kde one...

- Jul 13 2008

1. For some reason, one of my running plasmoids ended up getting a scrollbar when one wasn't needed before.

I use a new class to render the items in the itemview, because I thought it would look better, but I am not sure if I should keep it or switch back to the one used in dolphin etc. This one seems to use too much space and also affects the not readable text in the glassified theme...


2. The upgrade for some reason turned off the custom labels.

Yes I expected this one because I changed the way the settings are handled and this solution was the best...

3. I'm not so sure it's a good idea to have popup-tips enabled by became very annoying very quickly.

You are right, I have disabled them...

4. As far as the non-readable using glassified...well, it's readable for me although could be better (OpenSuse 11, KDE 4.1 beta2+some additional svn commits)

That will get better... But I still don't know if I should keep the new way to render the items or stick to the default kde style... - Jul 13 2008
Thanks I will add it to the downloadsection if you don't mind... - Jul 13 2008
Oxygen Konsole Color Scheme

Konsole Color Schemes 6 comments

Score 63.3%
Jul 31 2008
Wow that one look really awesome.
Thanks for sharing it.
- Aug 01 2008
Extract And Compress KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus 174 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 12 2009
me neither ;)
I had to look how to declare variables before I wrote that :D but I knew that there is "kde4-config" which can give you a lot of useful infos about your kde-installation... - Jul 12 2008
first: why have I seen this only now...
Thats something I really missed...

I have seen that you use a static localprefix for your installation and that some people have problems with it...
perhaps you can use:

LOCALPREFIX=`kde4-config --localprefix`
cp compress.desktop $LOCALPREFIX/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus

to install the files in case some got another directory structure

Mark - Jul 12 2008