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Square Lifestyle - QtCurve

QtCurve by PaLoBo 5 comments

Thanks a lot! That's my favourite KDE4 theme, so simple yet so beautiful. Wish there were more themes like this! - Mar 18 2011
net theme

QtCurve by michalrud 6 comments

Well, I have no idea. That's how it was called in KDE3, so why should I bother coming up with a different name? ;) - Dec 04 2010
net theme

QtCurve by michalrud 6 comments - check out build 2223.1, it was called Professional, and then renamed to Watercolor.

And on KDE a theme similar to Office XP was called .net. I know, because that was one of my favorites :D Look at the screenshot I've made a minute ago: . Looks familiar? While it's not a pixel-perfect copy, it definitely looks similar, and name says the rest. If you don't believe, download (for example) Kubuntu 6.06 and install kdeappearance-styles - it'll be there. - Dec 04 2010
net theme

QtCurve by michalrud 6 comments

Window decoration is called Quartz, and it's designed to mimic the original Watercolor theme from Windows XP. I don't think KDE theme existed before Windows Whistler. And .net theme was created to loosely look like Office XP. As I can't find any screenshots, I'm downloading some old distro with KDE3 right now to make one (as this theme is not included in Trinity) - Dec 03 2010
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