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R K , United States of America

GTK2 Themes by sen7 131 comments

Excellent theme! The usercontent.css has some problems, though.The gradient backround on some sites (E.g.: ubuntu homepage and penny arcade) don't scale properly, as a result, some complex sites like are badly mangled...
the google search results are also shifted by a few pixels... anti-google measure? lol :)

Other than that, this is probably the best dark theme i've used yet! - Oct 08 2008
Elegant Simple

Compiz Themes by midknight 3 comments

The buttons were left over from the Elegant Mine theme I based this on.
Now they're orangish. I'd wanted to make it the orange color used as the selection color for simple murrina, but settled on a brighter orange for visibility reasons. - Jun 09 2008
This theme is great! It's the only dark theme i can stand having day to day. One problem, though. Could you please post a firefox fix? like a userchrom.css or something? firefox is a little of an eyesore, because of all the black-on-brown textboxes...

I also made a matching Emerald theme! see it here: - Jun 08 2008