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Mike Linux , Netherlands
Black-Out-GTK Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by CrazyT 4 comments

Awesome theme, except one question.
How can i get transparancy in apps like nautilus etc? is there an extension for that? i like the darkness, but a bit transparancy everywhere makes it more sleek ;) - Mar 20 2012
Oxygen Refit 2

Full Icon Themes by Chrispy 50 comments

i tried to run the script, but it only creates a 16x16 folder, and after reinstalling the theme it still grows as hell. Then i tried to remove the 128x1218 folder and only leave the 16x16 one. then i was sure i totally removed all previous versions in the .themes folder, and reinstalled this again. still huge! (128x128) please scale it down, and upload. i dont care about larger file size. 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64 would be fine enough. - Apr 15 2010
Lucid Light Glossy

GTK2 Themes by mike-linux-nl 14 comments


Linux is linux, and Ubuntu is one of it derivates. It doesnt matter wich distribution you use. i use Ubuntu for now, but i have been a opensuse user with kde 3.5 and loved it! kde 4 is not my beer, and ubuntu is pretty good in new software for linux, and offers more than other distros, but that is my personal opinion.

However, as an ubuntu hater, you should write hatemail to canonical, instead of offending people on here because of what distro they are using.

And besides, Ubuntu, and gnome in perticular is moving more to the looks and functionality of Mac OSX than windows 7. and if someone wants to change the look to windows 7 style, then let them! it is always better then using windows itself. thats why they use Linux in the first place. freedom of choice! - Mar 16 2010
Lucid Light Glossy

GTK2 Themes by mike-linux-nl 14 comments

And besides that, the new look of Ubuntu will be purple based, either wit a dark or light gtk theme, wich you can see here:

My gtk theme is a glossy variant of the radiance theme. it seems that canonical is using purple styled wallpapers as well, so i think you are going to insult theme too then?

Maybe YOU guys should start to produce content on your own, instead of insulting people on here.. try to do better then! - Mar 16 2010
Lucid Light Glossy

GTK2 Themes by mike-linux-nl 14 comments

well, if you look closely, instead of insulting people on here, you see, its about the GTK theme, and not about the wallpaper.

You guys see a pink wallpaper, wich is from my girlfriends pc anyways, and you start to insult people based on that?

What the hell is wrong with you guys? i have reported everyone as you, and actions will be taken.

i am very surprised that insults like these are even allowed to be post on here. its the content that counts, and not about people. - Mar 16 2010
Lucid Light wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by aegluin 2 comments

Does look pretty good ;)

ou might want to change the links like this: [url] link here [/url] - Mar 12 2010

Wallpaper Other by mike-linux-nl 4 comments

just messed around with gradients, and added the ubuntu logo in the middle. i will make a couple more wallpapers soon. - Mar 12 2010
Black-Out-GTK Theme

GTK3/4 Themes
by CrazyT

9   Mar 20 2012