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mike green
ECSTATiCA (formerly NOX)

GTK2 Themes by estrayk 38 comments

Hi there,

This is my favourite theme, thank you so much. I do have a small problem though - when I use this theme my play/pause icons are pushed off-center in Rhythmbox with the result that the right hand side of the icons are cropped. See a screenshot here:

This happens with all icon sets, including standard "Gnome" etc. I do not have a problem with other Murrine based themes, only this one.

Your theme seems to increase the size of everything within windows, for example using Nox I can see, say, 9 rows of text in the Rhythmbox playlist, whereas if I switch to another theme I can see 10 rows. The same thing is happening with the icons, but because the first column in Rhythmbox is fixed width the icon gets cropped.

Thanks, I hope you can tell me how I might be able to fix this.
- Nov 02 2009