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Luciano Montanaro , Italy
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

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Oct 12 2005
Hi, nice to see new kfile plugins. However, given that most of the source is build files, wouldn't it be better to group by category? e.g. kde_multimedia_kfile_plugins, and kde_tex_kfile_plugins, for example. I'm doing that for my interactive fiction plugins. - Oct 12 2005
Crystal Gold

Cursors 10 comments

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Sep 10 2006
But is there a left-handed version too? - Jun 15 2005

Full Icon Themes 31 comments

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Jun 18 2018
Actually, from the preview, I think I like this version even more than the gray one. As a general purpose icon set, I'd like some more color in there too, but I think the improved contrast is good for usability. What I'd really like would be something with black border and a white (or generally light) background, with color when needed for quickly find the different icons.

The base theme is great, however, and it is clearly a very useful base for esperimentations.

Keep up the good work, I'm downloading this theme now... - Nov 29 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 149 comments

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Jun 18 2018
If they are in SVG format, the base color could be changed with a stylesheet, in theory. At least, if some planning were done at the beginning. A script could be used however to ease the conversion... - Jun 07 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 28 comments

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Jun 27 2003
I seem to have uploaded the wrong version.
Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be the correct one this time. - Jun 07 2003
Most of the decorations out there use the default rectangular bounding box when dragging the window around or while resizing it, if the 'transparent move' or 'transparent resize' options are set in the control panel. This one now draws an outline of the actual border of the window. - May 27 2003
Thank you for the 'bug report'.
It is fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience. - May 16 2003
The given tile is repeated as needed to fill the title bar. - May 11 2003
Yes, it should be relatively easy to do that, and there are precedents for the option in the IceWM window decoration. If you have a look at my screenshots (the one for the BeeToo Brushed theme, freshly added) you will notice that my toolbars are already at the bottom of the windows. - May 11 2003
a .b2effect file is simply a grayscale png image,
where white is the Titlebar color, black is the alternate color and gray is a blend of the two.
Currently, the image must be tall 18 pixels, and it should be at least 64 pixels wide. - May 11 2003
I have seen the screenshot, but I must say I am not too fond of that. The button are too small to use, I think. And can the tab slide like in BeeToo? It does not look so.
However, it would not be too hard to imitate it, maybe the shape of the tab can be made configurable. I have some other things on my TODO list before that, however. - May 11 2003
I think it would be easy to 'fix' the position of the title bar, but you would loose the ability to see titlebars of hidden windows.
Maybe position could be restored when a
window is on the top.
About the customizable button, this is more or less on my to-do list.
Do you have a Idea where could I look at for those? - May 06 2003
Thanks for your comment.
About the resize handle, yes, adding an option to turn it off would be feasable, I'll keep your wish in mind for next version. - May 03 2003
It's a new applet in KDE CVS.
It has been added yesterday. - May 02 2003
I'll make one when I finish the gradient support. As it is, just look at the b2 theme as it is still mostly the same. - May 02 2003
Umh, I am sorry, but I made a mistake with the name of the configuration file.
The config panel saves it as kwin_b2rc, but the theme searches it as kwin_beetoorc. As a workaround, manually move the kwin_b2rc file over kwin_beetoorc in your .kde/share/config directory.

I'll prepare an updated version soon, but I wish to complete support for the gradient in the title bar. - May 02 2003
new font dialog

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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Jun 07 2003
Yes, that's more or less the common use
case I want to fix. - May 25 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets 85 comments

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Aug 09 2006
I like these icons a lot. In their minimalism, they are usually quite clear about what they represent. I remember the accessibility team was looking after someone to produce a high contrast black and white icon set, once, maybe they are still interested. These should go in kdeartwork, I think. Send more of these icons,
please! - May 17 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 22 comments

by lluke
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Apr 07 2003
Hi, I made my first window theme package today, and the size is more than 500K.
Your theme is under 300, which is better.
The configure stuff is a huge load to carry around. What did you do to
make the package smaller?
thank you - May 02 2003