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Rekall 2.2.1 is now available for download from

Changes from 2.2.0:

* Option to execute arbitrary SQL on connection to server
* Support for form insert/update through views (PgSQL at least)

The latter allows you to specify that the key value for a record can be derived from an arbitrary SQL expression (typically accessing a sequence) either before or after an insert. This feature can probably be used in other, more cunning ways.

The CVS version is now 2.3.2. This includes the above changes, plus an option to specify an arbitrary form to be executed at startup (to be backported to 2.2.1 shortly). Also various improvements to the scons-based build system.
Please note that the 2.3.x releases are development versions. They should generally be OK but you are duly warned :) - Sep 06 2004